The Canadian Liver Foundation calls on patients with primary liver cancer (HCC) to share their experiences in new global survey

Results will provide doctors and cancer researchers with insights to improve liver cancer treatment now, and in the future

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The Canadian Liver Foundation has  joined a special partnership of similar organizations across North America, Asia and Europe to ask hundreds of men and women with primary liver cancer (HCC) to share their experiences by responding to the first-ever international survey of people living with HCC.
The anonymous survey is available on-line and patients can access it on their personal computer at . Participating patients will receive a personal identification number and password to log on to the survey, which will assure data privacy at all times. The survey will be available on the web until March 31, 2017. Patients who respond to the survey will also receive a personal copy of this report, which will allow them compare their observations with those of the others who took part in the survey.

In addition to the Canadian Liver Foundation,  a number of other national liver cancer societies are asking patients to take part in the survey. These include: the American Liver Foundation, Blue Faery – The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association, the British Liver Trust, the European Liver Patients’ Association, the Taiwan Liver Cancer Association and a number of liver cancer treatment units in major medical centres around the world. The survey was developed for these organizations by the research company, Strategic Sight, which will analyze the results in collaboration with the Medical Technology Research Group of the London School of Economics.

The results of the survey will be made available early in 2017, in the form of a report from the London School of Economics and the participating liver cancer groups. The survey findings will be made available to liver research organizations, scientific journals and the media.  




該匿名調查於線上進行,患者可登陸調查專頁 ,選取自己的語言版本參與調查。在加拿大,有英文、法文與中文三個版本的調查。參與調查者將會收到個人標識碼及密碼,用於登錄調查,以確保資料隱私始終得到保障。線上調查有效時間截至 2017 年 3 月 31 日。參與調查者將收到一份調查報告,令他們將自己的觀察結果與其他參與者的情形進行比較。