Stroller Spotlight – Strolling for Dad

Stroller Spotlight: Édith-Émelie Mercier

Help support families living with liver disease,like the Mercier Family. Continue below toread Édith-Émelie’s story about her father, Paul. STROLLER SPOTLIGHT Strolling for Dad I lost my dad to liver failure on April 1, 2020. My father had been living with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) for several years. His […]

Stroller Spotlight: Living the New-Liver Life

Stroller Spotlight: Deb Troppmann

Help support people living with a liver transplant, like Deb Troppmann. Continue below to read her story. STROLLER SPOTLIGHT Living the New-Liver Life In mid-September of 2013, I entered the hospital with flu-like symptoms and an extremely bloated belly. After days of tests, procedures, and interventions, it was determined that […]