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5 Ways To Show Your Liver Some Love On Valentine’s Day!

We put a lot of effort into showing the special people in our lives how truly loved they are on Valentine’s Day. But, do we do enough to show our liver how much we care about it?
Liver Disease Champions

Five Years And 100 lbs. Ago

28-year-old Leigh had never heard of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and had no idea that his health was in jeopardy.

Canada’s Food Guide and Your Liver Health

In January of 2019, Canada unveiled a new food guide. The Canadian Liver Foundation provided insight on this guide and how it can impact those living with liver disease
A doctor listens attentively while taking notes of what her patient is telling her. She is wearing a stethoscope and writing with pen on a clipboard. The patient is a middle-aged woman her glasses, and her back to the camera.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor 

As a patient, you may not think to share or remember all the questions you wanted to ask until after you leave the doctor’s office. These tips will have you prepared so that you get the most out of your next visit.

Chartering A Map For Metabolic Liver Disease

Chartering A Map For Metabolic Liver DiseaseWhen abnormal chemical reactions disrupt the body’s metabolism, the effects can be felt on many vital organs such as the heart and of course, the liver. These metabolic diseases can be challenging to diagnose, but research funded by the Canadian Liver Foundation is providing doctors

Give Your Liver A Break

Abstaining from alcohol for a month can be beneficial for a short while, but long-term health benefits require living a liver-healthy lifestyle year-round.

Tips For A Struggling Caregiver

Many who care for someone living with liver disease become overwhelmed with constant worry. To manage life as a caregiver, we’ve developed these effective tips.
Liver Friendly Recipes

Liver Healthy Holiday Choices

There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence over the holidays, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you incorporate some healthier choices for your liver.