Liver Health Tip

Eat the best, leave the rest

If you stopped someone on the street and asked how you may improve your liver health, most people would simply advise you cut back or eliminate alcohol. While doing so is certainly helpful, it is not the only piece of the liver health puzzle…
Liver Disease Champions

The Twists and Turns of a Life with Liver Disease

Anyone who knows Fay Simmonds will tell you that she is the supportive backbone of her family. Together with her husband Don, Fay has lived an incredibly busy and rewarding lifestyle, including raising four kids.
Partnerships, Research

Expanding Transplant Horizons

An estimated 20 percent of donor livers are being turned away due to seemingly unavoidable damages like sitting on ice too long, being deprived of oxygen, being infected with viruses (such as hepatitis B or C), or being too fatty.
Female Researcher looking through microscope in lab coat

The CLF Research Grant Competition

By working together with Canadian researchers, we are proud to be able to support Canada’s research legacy and provide top liver experts as well as promising new investigators and trainees funding to support new advances and breakthroughs.

Why Bringing Liver Research to Life Matters

If liver disease is a jigsaw puzzle, then research are the puzzle pieces. When put in the right sequence these pieces have the ability to create a full and detailed picture…