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Easy and painless testing to find out

One in four Canadians may be affected by liver disease in their lifetime, with fatty liver disease being one of the most common types of liver disease. 

The Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF), British Columbia (BC)/Yukon Region, is pleased to launch the Liver Beware Project, offering testing to identify fatty liver disease and liver scarring or cirrhosis. Testing is through a Fibroscan, an easy, painless, and needle-free test that accurately determines the amount of fat in the liver and estimates if the liver has sustained scarring (cirrhosis), and is open to Canadians who reside in Greater Vancouver, BC.

Our goal is to understand the prevalence of fatty liver disease in the general population, to better direct liver disease education and treatment. Fatty liver disease is on the rise in Canada and is estimated to be the primary indication for liver transplant in the near future. 

DON’T WAIT as liver disease is often silent. When there are symptoms, it is usually too late.

Please call 604-707-6430 or email to book an appointment.


Project Period                                     May 6 to August 27

Testing Hours                                     Every Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

Venue                                                 London Drugs Pharmacy

           Broadway, Cambie location in Vancouver or

           Guildford Town Mall location in Surrey


Fee                                                      By donation of $20

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