Melanie turns 40

Celebrate with Melanie!

We always think that we are invincible until we learn that what we put into our bodies matters.” – Melanie Braga

Melanie Bragga with husband and daughter Liver Disease can impact anyone and at any age. After being diagnosed two years ago with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, I have been doing my best to bring awareness to this disease that affects over 7 million Canadians (and counting).

I know first hand the importance of bringing resources and information to all as we all need to take better care of our little engine that does over 500 functions for us; Our Liver.

This is why I love supporting all the work that the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) does for the communities around Canada. They provide the hope that we all need to ensure we “Live.”

This is why I decided to do a fundraising campaign to support the wonderful work that the CLF does and a way to honour my 40th Birthday.

Please help make my birthday wish come true by supporting this campaign. Remember no donation is too big or too small and all is very much appreciated. Know that every dollar counts in support of the CLF and the amazing work they do for Liver health.

“Live” is in Liver and that is my motivation to do better and help others do better.

Much love,