Video Upload

How to Star in Our CLF Nation-Wide 50th Anniversary Video

balloons holding a number 50Thanks for agreeing to be part of  the Canadian Liver Foundation’s 50th anniversary video! We can’t wait to see your video clip which helps to tell this amazing journey.

Just use your smartphone to send in your short clip. Below are some suggestions to make your video fun and inspiring.

What To Say?
We’d love for you to read the suggested key messages. Choose to do some or all of the lines. To make it easy you can print it and read from those lines with your video camera rolling. Download PDF script here.

Tips and Tricks for Shooting a Great Video Submission

Your Video Camera
Simply use your smartphone or any camera that records video.

Make sure the brightest light near you is shining on your face and not behind you. Looking towards a window when indoors or putting shadowed areas behind you when outdoors will give you a great image. Don’t stand with your back to something bright like a window or the sky. Also, check your background and make sure there’s nothing embarrassing or confusing back there!

Your smartphone microphone works great. Be certain to record in a quiet area and to talk loudly with excitement!

Turn your smartphone on its side so it’s in landscape/horizontal mode. The image will be short and wide like a TV or movie theatre. Position yourself so that you’re framed from mid-chest to top of your head which is almost the length of your arm. Try to keep the smartphone as still as possible when recording. Have only a tiny space above your head.


  • Shoot one long clip and don’t worry about re-do’s or word stumbles.
  • Don’t stop and start the smartphone.
  • Keep the smartphone rolling even if you decide to re-speak some sentences.

Upload your video clip(s) to this DropBox folder. Your smartphone’s photo video app probably has a Share button in the gallery and will connect directly with DropBox. Likely using the DropBox Share app you’ll need to select Files, select your video clip(s), enter your name and email address, then click Upload. Alternatively, you can connect your smartphone to your computer and upload to DropBox via your browser using the same link. Contact us by email if you have any questions.

Important: Due to the number of responses we have received so far, we may not be able to feature all submission in our videos. Thank you everyone for your support.