Stroll for Liver

A lineup of Stroll for Liver participants walk holding a large Stroll for Liver banner

Welcome to Stroll for Liver!

Help us change the future for Canadians with liver disease! Join us for the Stroll for Liver – a family friendly, community-based walk/run event dedicated to raising funds for liver research and education. This national event takes place in many cities across the country.

Calgary – June 9, Edmonton – June 2, Lac du Bonnet August 11, London – June 10, Moncton – June 23, Montreal – June 16, Ottawa – June 9, Red Deer – June 3, Springhill – May 8, Toronto – June 2 and Vancouver – June 10 Winnipeg – August 25. If you don’t see your city here yet, please check back soon, or contact your local chapter.

Why participate in Stroll for Liver?

A young girl with red hair smiling in front of a plant. Her name is Alice.Because 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease – and Alice is one of them. 

Alice was only 4 days old when jaundice prompted her parents to bring her to the hospital. After a battery of invasive tests and procedures, Alice was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease called biliary atresia. She underwent emergency, life-saving surgery at just 68 days old. Without this surgery, she would not survive past her second birthday. 

Alice is now an active, curious toddler, but she still goes for regular checkups and tests to monitor her condition. Since there is no cure for biliary atresia, it’s hard to know what the future will hold for Alice or other children with this and other liver diseases. Alice may one day need a liver transplant.

Help us change the future for Canadians with liver disease! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Stroll is a family friendly, community-based outdoor walk/run event in which individual or team participation is encouraged. This national event takes place at many sites across the country and is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about liver disease, raise much needed funds to continue essential liver research, and is a great way for organizations, friends and families to get out for a day of fun and fitness.

Depending on the location, the registration fees range from $0 to $100, Stroll for Liver is a key fundraising event for the Canadian Liver Foundation and as such, we encourage each participant to raise a suggested minimum of $100.

Our goal, through the fundraising efforts of our participants across the country, is to raise $250,000 to help support critical liver research. We are confident that each participant can raise $100 and more. Here are some simple tips to help you exceed the $100 mark in just a week.

Seven ways in seven days (or ‘How to raise over $250 in a week’)

Day 1– Sponsor yourself: $25
Day 2– Ask your boss to match your donation: $25
Day 3– Ask 3 relatives for a $20 pledge: $60
Day 4– Ask 3 friends for a $20 pledge: $60
Day 5– Ask 5 co-workers for a $10 pledge: $50
Day 6– Ask 3 neighbours for a $10 pledge: $30 
Day 7– Celebrate – You did it! $250

For additional tips to reach your fundraising goals click here.

Our Stroll events focus primarily on walking and running. Although we encourage all types of fun activities (and the four-footed friends that might to participate too) at our Strolls, some locations may have certain restrictions. Please check with your local CLF contact before the day of event. 

Yes. The Canadian Liver Foundation offers various volunteer opportunities pre- and post- event. To view our Volunteer opportunities click here or contact your local CLF office for more information. We are grateful to the many volunteers who help make our Stroll for Liver a success every year.

Comfortable clothing and walking/running shoes are recommended. You can bring your camera or smartphone to take and share pictures and to update your friends and family on the event via social media using the hashtag #strollforliver . Please also bring your pledge form(s) and donations, and online Fundraising Summary (if applicable) with you on event day. Ensure all information is complete, clear and legible. All forms and funds must be submitted at the Registration Area on Stroll for Liver day.

You have several options; you can:

• contact your local Canadian Liver Foundation office; click here for contact information

• email us at; or

• for complete details, dates and the latest updates on the Stroll for Liver in your area, keep visiting our website


The Canadian Liver Foundation acknowledges the following organizations for their support of the CLF’s mission of “bringing liver research to life” to benefit the liver health of all Canadians through research, education, patient support and advocacy.

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Past Highlights

Top 2017 Fundraisers

Top Individuals

1. Larry $8,897
2. Van $7,500
3. Dylan Kwan $5,243
4. Anonymous $5,000
5. Anonymous $5,000
6. Daljit Nagpal $4,751
7. Francis Ho $4,465
8. Gary Trainor $3,476
9. Jennifer Vo $3,100
10. Kevin Ma $3,000
11. Bianca Pengelly $2,550
12. Debbie Kleiboer $2,415
13. Deeprai $2,312
14. Desiree Mohabeer $1,911
15. Joanne de Ruiter $1,905

Top Teams

1. Simran’s Squad $12,699
2. Team Transplant – Larry’s Girls $9,097
3. Dylan’s Rockstars $7,905
4. Team Vancouver $7,500
5. Trisha Nagpal’s Family $6,634
6. VBCE $6,057
7. Team RBC $5,000
8. Ho’s Association $4,465
9. Team Delfina $4,141
10. Taya’s Liverdance $3,100
11. Kleiboer Team $2,565
12. Stawnychy $2,000
13. ViviAnne $1,905
14. Charlie’s Angels $1,876
15. Dylan and Selene’s Rock Stars $1,853