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A Passion for Research Brought to Life

In 1969, the Canadian Liver Foundation was born out of the passion and concern of a committed group of business leaders and doctors who believed that liver disease needed a champion. With the help of volunteers, patients and families, researchers, doctors, donors, and corporate supporters who share our vision of a world without liver disease, we are bringing liver research to life.

In the lab:

Investing in lifesaving research
Funding for liver research is crucial. Every development today will have a tremendous and exponential impact on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cures for liver disease in the future. In order to attract new talent, help researchers get established, and support new advances and breakthroughs, the CLF funds the research of both senior and emerging investigators, as well as medical students. Learn more.

In the community:

In addition to funding the search for answers, bringing liver research to life means sharing what we learn to improve the lives of liver disease patients and those who are at risk for liver disease. Learn more.

Patient support:

We assist people coping with liver disease online, in person and via our National Help Line at 1 (800) 563-5483. We answer their questions after diagnosis, help them understand their disease, and provide them with the resources they need. Through our Peer Support Network, we connect them with others who have gone through the same experience. Learn more.


We help Canadians protect their liver health and prevent liver disease by teaching them about the liver’s vital functions and how to make liver-healthy lifestyle decisions every day. Learn more.

We encourage early diagnosis and treatment by working closely with the medical community and offering tools and resources on screening and patient care. Learn more.


We strive to improve prevention and the quality of life of those living with liver disease by advocating for better screening, access to treatment, and patient care. We do this by working with federal, provincial and municipal governments, community organizations, health care providers and individuals to raise awareness of liver-related health issues and to push for policy changes. Learn more.

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Vision, Mission, & Mandate

Our Vision
A world without liver disease

Our Mission
Bringing liver research to life for all Canadians

Through research, we are able to improve prevention, screening, diagnostics, and treatments in order to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease.

Research is the key to minimizing the impact on people affected by liver diseases, but it’s only as good as its practical application. Through our advocacy, education, and patient support efforts, we share the knowledge gained through research to improve the lives of liver disease patients and protect others who are at risk. At the same time, we seek to eliminate the barriers that may limit patients’ access to research breakthroughs.

Our Mandate
The Canadian Liver Foundation’s mandate is to promote liver health and reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease by providing support for research and education into the causes, diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of liver disease.

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Who We Are

We are the passionate people behind the Canadian Liver Foundation! Click on the names below to learn more about the organization that is bringing liver research to life.

Alina is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the planning, organization and execution of Asian health promotion events, presentations and forums. Alina enjoys writing and travelling in her spare time.

Anjan performs accounting tasks in support of the national and regional offices of the CLF. Anjan is responsible for our accounts payable and generation of regional financial statements. When Anjan takes a break from the numbers, you can find him at the cinema watching the latest blockbuster. 

Bianca’s role consists of planning events to raise funds for liver research, as well as delivering education and awareness programs to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Bianca also really enjoys being a part of the patient support program. She enjoys doing outdoor activities with her family, especially kayaking.

Cheryl has been with the CLF for over 15 years. Cheryl wears many different hats, from IT troubleshooting issues, to daily cash flow reporting, and budgeting to name a few. When Cheryl is away from the CLF she enjoys a good round of golf and Astanga Yoga. 

Debralee started with the Canadian Liver Foundation in 2005. She enjoys raising awareness and funds for a cause that is very close to her heart. Debralee loves to travel and walk marathons. 

Haneen’s role consists of planning events to raise funds for liver research, as well as delivering education and awareness programs to British Columbians. Haneen is passionate about helping the community by volunteering. Her hobbies include painting and dance.

Jennifer is responsible for the overall management of the CLF to support the organization’s mission of bringing liver research to life for all Canadians through research, education, advocacy and patient support programs.

Judy has been with the CLF for over 17 years. Judy manages the content and production of Direct Marketing campaigns, including telefundraising, direct mail, monthly giving and wedding celebration programs. Judy enjoys working on various craft projects and spending time with friends and family. 

Karen provides support to the Direct Marketing department and Regional Development staff in Eastern Canada under the direction of the Senior Manager of Fundraising. Karen enjoys travelling and playing Sudoku

Karen Seto is a dedicated and passionate partnership-building professional who utilizes her great sense of humour to maintain and grow national and international partnerships in support of liver research and education. When she takes a break from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and uses the rest of her free time pulling weeds from the lawn or shovelling snow. 

Kari is responsible for executing plans and activities that will grow revenue including, donor-centered fund development, event management, volunteer coordination and health promotion programs.

Karina supports the integrated communication needs of the Canadian Liver Foundation, and manages the online and digital experience for all stakeholders. Outside of work, you can find Karina enjoying many creative outlets and spending time with her family.

Kris manages the switchboard and greets and assists all visitors at the CLF National Office. When Kris is not going out of her way to help, she’s a creative, imaginative person at heart. She has a passion for creating and designing hand-crafted cards and on occasion includes the writing of her verses and/or poems. 

Lisa manages all of the executive aspects of the Foundation under the direction of the President and Chief Executive Officer. Lisa loves long walks and working out at the gym.

New to the Eastern Ontario CLF team, Meghann values community engagement and building ongoing, meaningful relationships for the purpose of raising awareness and funds to bring liver research to life. Meghann is truly inspired by the passion and commitment demonstrated by our CLF volunteers and their networks. She enjoys cross-stitching, playing music, hiking and exploring the many beautiful small towns across Ontario.

Monica believes professionalism + passion = success. Monica also believes a healthy lifestyles is a life time commitment. She enjoys yoga, working out in the gym, kick-boxing and running along the seawall. 

Nem is responsible for the strategic direction of the development and growth of the National Health Promotion and Education programs and initiatives across Canada. When Nem is not at work, you can find him coaching and educating individuals in physical fitness, well-being and nutrition, and using the rest of his free time in keeping up with sports, reading, and travelling with friends and family.

Our Purpose

You may rarely stop to think about it, but your liver is essential to your life. If your liver stops working, so do you. 

Liver diseases affect children, women and men with equal and sometimes fatal consequences. 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease, and many do not even know it. Liver disease can take over 100 different forms and can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, obesity, viruses, toxins, drugs, alcohol and problems with the immune system.  Tragically, by the time liver disease is detected, it is often too late as severe liver damage has already occurred. 

This is why we are bringing liver research to life. 

Every new discovery and insight is important.

Every development in liver research today means tremendous advances in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and possible cures for liver disease in the future. 

Liver transplants are life-changing events for recipients and their families, but they still come with many risks. With the ongoing shortage of available donor organs, we need to make sure that every liver transplant is successful both in the short-term and the long-term. With more research we may be able to find ways to improve these outcomes for patients.” – Dr. Eberhard Renner, Director, Gastrointestinal Transplantation, Toronto General Hospital. 

Research is key to the eradication of all liver diseases––but it is only as good as its practical application. Through our advocacy, education and patient support efforts, we share the knowledge gained through research and seek to eliminate the barriers that may limit patient access to research breakthroughs. 

Helping people with liver disease live longer, better lives.

Being diagnosed with liver disease can be a frightening experience and there are often far more questions than answers. It can be very comforting to talk to others who know what you are going through and to get information and advice from a trusted source.

The Canadian Liver Foundation offers patients and their families the opportunity to connect with one another, share their stories and have their questions answered.

It is time to get the facts about liver disease.

There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about liver disease, so it is crucial that accurate and accessible information be available that can help overcome biases and ensure those suffering with liver disease are not unfairly stigmatized.

The Canadian Liver Foundation is a reliable research-based information source for patients, families and friends, healthcare professionals, community agencies and the general public. 

Fear of the unknown and fear of being judged means people with liver disease can be isolated and not know who to turn to for help.

For people living with liver disease, often the biggest challenge they face is the fear that comes from a lack of information. That is why, with your help, the Canadian Liver Foundation is funding research, providing education, and building awareness to change this.

Everyone deserves a healthy liver.

Research continues to lead to exciting breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease. But, unfortunately, some patients may have difficulty obtaining the benefits of this research.

The Canadian Liver Foundation’s advocacy efforts seek to ensure that patients have equal and affordable access to the most effective treatments regardless of their income or where they live. We have successfully advocated for new hepatitis C drug therapies for use in Canada and are continuing to push provincial governments to provide access to these treatments to patients in their regions. 

The Canadian Liver Foundation relies on support from caring individuals, community-minded corporations and foundations to continue funding life-saving liver research as well as patient support, education and advocacy programs for all Canadians. 

Liver disease is already a serious health concern in Canada, and as our population ages, it is only getting worse. One in four Canadians may be affected by liver disease. The time to act is now!

We need advances in diagnosis and treatment; advances that may one day lead to a cure. The Canadian Liver Foundation has been funding liver research in Canada for close to 50 years, an achievement we credit to the generosity and continued commitment of our donors. 

If you want to help bring research to life like we do, visit our How You Can Help page to see what kind of a difference you can make in your own community, at your own capacity.


The Canadian Liver Foundation’s mission of bringing liver research to life is built on the passion and expertise of researchers and physicians in Canada and around the world who seek to unlock the mysteries of liver disease.

All that the Canadian Liver Foundation knows about liver disease – prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care – is based in scientific research. The best research, however, is of no use unless we have ways to share this knowledge and deliver programs and services that truly help people living with or at risk for liver disease. The CLF relies heavily on the generosity of individuals across Canada who offer their valuable time to help the CLF raise funds and deliver much-needed liver education and patient support programs.

To demonstrate our appreciation for the volunteer support the CLF has received and to recognize the incredible work of liver researchers in Canada and around the world, we invite you to join us in celebrating and honouring these very deserving awardees.

With your help, we have funded over $35 million in liver research. We have also been able to reach out to millions of Canadians across the country with awareness and education messages, and we have been able to touch the hearts of those affected by liver disease with our support programs.

But, all of this wasn’t accomplished because of any one individual in particular; our success over the years is a collective result of the efforts of many people: our dedicated and hardworking volunteers, kind-hearted donors who have contributed generously, researchers and doctors who have helped advance science, and committee members who have shared their knowledge in communities across the country to name a few.

50 Anniversary MedalThe Canadian Liver Foundation would like to recognize and honour these individuals by presenting them with a ‘50th Anniversary Recognition Medal’. Throughout this celebration of 50 years, we want to thank our past and current supporter family and invite you to join us on the forefront of change for the next 50 years to come.

Please visit our 50th anniversary page to learn more about the great achievements we have accomplished thanks to you.


  • Dr. Robert Bailey
  • Dr. Vincent Bain
  • Dr. Kelly Burak
  • Dr. Diane Cox
  • Dr. Michael Houghton
  • Dr. Norman Kneteman
  • Kwan Family
  • Dr. Samuel Lee
  • Dr. Diana Mager
  • Diana McIntyre
  • Carrie Paxon
  • Dr. James Shapiro
  • Stephen Sheridan
  • Dr. Mark Swain
  • Dr. Lorne Tyrrell
  • Vo Family
  • Lori Wilhelm
  • Don Wishart

British Columbia

  • Dr. Stephen Chung
  • Dr. Jo-Ann Ford
  • Hunter Gordon
  • Dr. Francis Ho
  • Dr. Stephen Ho
  • Dr. Trana Hussaini
  • Dr. Mel Krajden
  • Dr. Peter Kwan
  • Sonny Leong
  • Dr. Richard Schreiber
  • Scotiabank
  • Dr. Charles Scudamore
  • Dr. Ed Tam
  • Robert Wilson
  • Dr. Eric Yoshida


  • Cross Family
  • Dr. Kelly Kaita
  • Dr. Gerald Minuk
  • Dr. Eberhard Renner
  • Dr. Steven Wong

New Brunswick

  • Wes Armour
  • Linda Lawrence
  • Therese Quinlan
  • Gary Trainor

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Dr. Thomas Michalak

Nova Scotia

  • April Findlay
  • Cathy Meekins
  • Dale O’Connor
  • Anne Peltekian
  • Dr. Kevork Peltekian
  • Dr. Eve Roberts
  • Leonard Stacey
  • Samantha Warshick


  • Dr. Paul Adams
  • Michael Betel
  • Dr. Franklin Bialystok
  • Mortimer Bistrisky (Honour Role)
  • Stan Buda (Honour Role)
  • Dr. Luke Chan
  • Pascale Cloutier
  • Andrew Cumming
  • Valerie Davey
  • Frank Duffy
  • Dr. Victor Feinman
  • Dr. Jordan Feld
  • Dr. Woody Fisher (Extraordinary award)
  • Galego Family
  • Sgt. Lance Gibson
  • Sandra Hall
  • Dr. Jenny Heathcote
  • Roger Hunter
  • Elliott Jacobson
  • Pamela Johnston
  • Dr. Gary Levy
  • Dr. Simon Ling
  • Don & Annette Martin
  • Susan McCabe
  • Hailey Millman
  • Nelson Millman
  • Robert Morin
  • Nagpal Family
  • O’Byrne Family
  • Michael Phelan
  • Denise Proulx
  • Dr. Andrew Sass-Kortsak (Honour Role)
  • Dr. Morris Sherman
  • Colina Yim


  • Nicole Barry
  • Dr. Marc Bilodeau
  • Lousie Daingneault
  • Dr. Marc Deschênes
  • Andrée Gagné
  • Dr. Carl Goresky
  • Jacqueline Huet
  • Dr. Pierre-Michel Huet (Honour Role)
  • Fernande Larochelle
  • Patrick Leblond
  • Claude & Christianne Legault – Girard
  • Dr. Christopher Rose
  • Dr. Naglaa Shoukry
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Villeneuve
  • Dr. Bernard Willems
  • Dr. Philip Wong
  • Paulette Zabaleta


  • Brian Kusisto
  • Ken Sexton (Honour Role)

The Canadian Liver Foundation was the first organization in the world committed to promoting liver health and fighting liver disease through research and education. In keeping with our pioneering mandate, the CLF established a Gold Medal Award in 1983 to recognize doctors and scientists who have made a significant contribution to moving the field of liver research forward.

Today, the award is given jointly with the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL). The CLF-CASL Gold Medal recipients comprise an impressive list of internationally-recognized liver specialists. The knowledge gained from the collective research of these individuals has provided the CLF with the information we need to help improve the lives of Canadians living with or at risk for liver disease.

Please join us in recognizing the research excellence of the following recipients of the CLF-CASL Gold Medal Award:

Dr. Thomas Michalak2020: Thomas I. Michalak
Professor of Molecular Virology and Medicine (Hepatology), Memorial University of Newfoundland

Thomas I. Michalak MD, PhD, a Professor of Molecular Virology and Medicine (Hepatology) at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of viral hepatitis and liver disease and has made pivotal contributions to liver research in Canada and internationally.

His ground-breaking discoveries have changed fundamental concepts about the nature of hepatitis B and C viral infections. In 1985 Dr. Michalak established a ground-breaking research laboratory and utilized a novel disease model to study hepatitis B virus infection which generated several important scientific findings.

Colleagues and former students who have worked with Dr. Michalak have noted the significance of his many research contributions, as well as the valuable role that his mentorship has played for the careers of many young investigators who began their research careers under his tutelage and are in many cases now continuing his legacy as independent researchers.

Past Recipients

2019: Dr. Florence Wong2007: Dr. Victor Feinman1995: Dr. Diane W. Cox
2018: Dr. Gregory J. Gores2006: Dr. Harvey Alter1994: Dr. M. James Phillips
2017: Dr. Anna Suk-Fong Lok2005: Dr. Ian Wanless1993: Dr. Telfer Reynolds
2016: Dr. Morris Sherman2004: Dr. Jenny Heathcote1992: Dr. Roger Williams
2015: Dr. Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao2003: Dr. Roger Butterworth1991: Dr. Hector Orrego
2014: Dr. Jordi Bruix2002: Dr. Michel Huet1990: Dr. B. S. Blumberg
2013: Dr. Albert Czaja2001: Dr. Jay Hoofnagle1989: Dr. Hyman J. Zimmerman
2012: Dr. Jaime Bosch2000: Dr. Lorne Tyrrell1988: Dr. Carl A. Goresky
2011: Dr. Michael Houghton1999: Dr. Juan Rodes1986: Dame Sheila Sherlock
2010: Dr. Paul Adams1998: Dr. William Wall1985: Dr. Rudi Schmid
2009: Dr. Jean-Pierre Villeneuve1997: Dr. Laurie Powell1983: Dr. Jean-Pierre Benhamou
2008: Dr. Eve Roberts1996: Dr. Laurence Blendis 

Dr. Andrew Sass-Kortsak was a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto and the Head of the Research Institute. His pivotal research and his dedication to training the next generation of scientists has helped to change the lives of children impacted by liver disease.

Dr. Sass-Kortsak passed away in 1986. In 1990, the Canadian Liver Foundation, in partnership with the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL), created the Sass-Kortsak Award to honour the late Dr. Sass-Kortsak who made tremendous contributions to the field of pediatric hepatology and did much to further the work of the Foundation. The CLF is proud to carry on his simple yet powerful guiding principle: focus on the patient.

Please join us in celebrating the research excellence of the following recipients of the CASL-CLF Sass-Kortsak Award.

fernandoalvarez2018: Dr. Fernando Alvarez

Dr. Fernando Alvarez is Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal. He is highly recognized as a lead Senior Researcher in Canada, with the broader scope of his work in Pediatric Liver Disease, specifically, immune related liver diseases such as autoimmune hepatitis. Dr. Alvarez identified antigens involved in the immune reaction of specific antibodies in type 2 autoimmune hepatitis, which helped to improve understanding of the pathogenesis of this disease. He became a member of the International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group, which developed a scoring system for the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis in children which has become a hallmark in the world of pediatric Hepatology and has served as a diagnostic tool and as a core reference for subsequent scoring systems.

Dr. Alvarez is an author of nearly 200 publications and is the founder of the Canadian Pediatric Hepatology Research group and has mentored numerous learners and colleagues. He is a great example of excellence in the field of Pediatric Hepatology within the research arena as well as in the clinical care of children and youth with liver disease.

Past Recipients

2016: Dr. Eve A. Roberts2006: Dr. David Perlmutter1996: Dr. Alex Mowat (posthumously)
2014: Professor Mei Hwei Chang2004: Dr. Andrée Rasquin1994: Dr. Daniel Alagille
2012: Dr. Georgina Mieli-Vergani2002: Dr. Jean-Bernard Otte1992: Dr. Irmin Sternlieb
2010: Dr. Peter Whitington2000: Dr. Frederick J. Suchy1990: Dr. Claude C. Roy
2008: Dr. Milton Finegold1998: Dr. William Balistreri 

The Diamond Jubilee Medal, which has a dark red ribbon and an engraving of the queen.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was created in 2012 to mark the 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as the Queen of Canada and to recognize her service to this country.

At the same time, the Canadian Liver Foundation had an opportunity to award this commemorative medal to 30 outstanding volunteers across Canada in recognition of their contributions to the fight against liver disease.

Please join us in celebrating the incredible volunteers who have harnessed their passion and dedication to helping the CLF fulfill our mission of bringing liver research to life.


  • Don Wishart, Executive Vice President, Operations and Major Projects, TransCanada 
  • Dr. Robert Myers, Former Assistant Professor, Liver Unit, Gastrointestinal Research Group, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Winnie Wong, Professor, Division of Gastroenterology and the Assistant Dean of Education of the Postgraduate Medical Education Program at the University of Alberta 


  • Dale O’Connor, CLF Chapter President, Guysborough 
  • Dr. Kevork Peltekian, Professor of Medicine and Head of Division of Digestive Care and Endoscopy Dalhousie University, Specialist in Hepatology and Liver Transplantation, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre
  • Dr. Thomas Michalak, Senior Canada Research Chair in Viral Hepatitis / Immunology,  Professor of Molecular Virology and Medicine, Memorial University 
  • Melanie Weir, founder of Olivia’s Memorial Walk fundraiser for liver research

British Columbia

  • Dr. Eric Yoshida, Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia and Hepatologist, Vancouver General Hospital
  • Dr. Mel Krajden, Director, BC Hepatitis Services, BC Centre for Disease Control
  • Dr. Susan Kwan, Co-Director, ICU, Burnaby Hospital
  • Jo-Ann Ford, RN, Nurse Practitioner, Vancouver General Hospital
  • Robert Wilson, retired nurse and 12-year volunteer with BC/Yukon region


  • Andy Cumming, Managing Director, Blackheath Fund Management
  • Colina Yim, RN, nurse practitioner at the Toronto Liver Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital.Quebec
  • Daljit Nagpal, Biologist, Health Canada
  • Elliott Jacobson, partner in Elliott Jacobson and Associates consulting firm
  • Frank Bialystok, University of Toronto professor, Chair of the Canadian Jewish Congress (Ontario)
  • Haley Millman, liver and pancreas transplant recipient and graphic artist
  • Laurie Fraser, Human Factors Engineering Specialist, Ontario Power Generation
  • Luke Chan,  Associate Vice President,  International Affairs, McMaster University
  • Dr. Morris Sherman, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto and Hepatologist, University Health Network.
  • Nelson Millman, former Executive Producer for Studio Productions at Sportsnet
  • Pam Johnson
  • Pascale Cloutier, LLB, partner,  Miller Thomson LLB
  • Roger Hunter, retiree and nine-year national CLF volunteer
  • Theresa Stewart, retired CLF Chapter President, Guelph


  • Dr. Bernard Willems, Professor of Medicine, Université de Montréal
  • Dr. Marc Bilodeau, Professor of Medicine, Université de Montréal, Former Director, National Canadian Research Training Program in Hepatitis C (now known as the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C)


  • Brian Kusisto, President, Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd.
  • Ken Sexton, CEO, Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd.


Supported the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CanHepC) and hepatitis community groups across the country to collectively establish and present the Blueprint to Inform a Hepatitis C Elimination Strategy in Canada.

Initiated the first HepBeware program, a free hepatitis B screening program that tested to this date, over 2,700 willing participants of the Greater Vancouver’s Asian community in over 50 public locations.

The Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) and the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) sought to establish the 2017 International Meeting on NAFLD; the first of its kind in Canada. An event where family doctors, specialists, researchers, medical students, and nurses gathered with a common purpose; to combat the alarming increase of NAFLD in Canada. As a result of this three-day event, participants are now able to better understand the current status of NAFLD and are equipped with a clearer roadmap as to how they may prevent, diagnose, treat and aspire to one day cure NAFLD.

Awarded a $1.2million research grant – the largest in the CLF’s history – to a team at the University Health Network studying the potential of using nanotechnology to cure liver cancer. The grant was made possible through a generous donor and matching funds from the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation.

Issued new statistics highlighting that 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease.

Introduced new CLF brand and tagline – Bringing liver research to life – to reinforce the Foundation’s commitment to liver research and liver health, offer a destination for Canadians looking for information and support and represent the value CLF brings to patients, health care providers and supporters.

Launched a national hepatitis C testing social media campaign ‘Could You Have It?’ reaching more than a million people and prompting more than 2,400 to complete an online risk assessment.

Became a founding funding partner in the Canadian National Transplant Research Program involving research teams from 18 transplant centres and 15 universities and research centres across Canada plus collaboration with international researchers from Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and South America.

Published the landmark report “Liver Disease in Canada: A Crisis in the Making” which for the first time presented a true picture of the burden of disease and called upon provincial and federal governments to act.

Became the first organization in Canada to call for hepatitis C testing for all adults born between 1945 and 1975.

Took on a significant advocacy role to help facilitate the approval of new breakthrough hepatitis C drug therapies.

Initiated the first International Liver Health Alliance comprised of liver associations and educational institutions from around the world to facilitate global advocacy, education and awareness initiatives for liver disease.

Led the Canadian World Hepatitis Day Alliance as part of a global effort to raise awareness and spur government action to address hepatitis B and C as serious liver health issues.

16 Canadians on “Team CLF” successfully completed the Mt. Kilimanjaro Extreme Challenge – a fundraising climb of the tallest peak in Africa raising nearly $300,000 for liver research and education and raising awareness of liver health and the CLF via nationwide media coverage.

Launched the LIVERight Campaign to educate Canadians about the vital role the liver plays in nurturing and protecting the body and how everyday decisions can impact liver health.

Hosted the first ever National Liver Summit, bringing together over 30 of Canada’s key liver stakeholders to explore new approaches to establishing an effective and collaborative funding model to enhance liver research in Canada.

Created the 1st Discover the World of Hepatology program in collaboration with the University of Manitoba to encourage bright young doctors who are at a crucial point in their careers to become the hepatology leaders of tomorrow.

Reprised vital coordination role in the 2nd Canadian Hepatitis C Conference in Vancouver.

Launched North American print, radio and television PSA campaign with world-renowned jazz artist Dr. Oscar Peterson.

Presented A Night to Remember benefit gala concert featuring Paul Anka, the Honourable Jean Chrétien, the Honourable John Manley, Lady Sarah Burns and 1500 adoring fans.

Became a founding supporter of the National CIHR Research Training Program in Hepatitis C – a national, multi-centre, trans-disciplinary research program in hepatitis C, providing research funding and establishing opportunities to share the knowledge of these research findings.

Established the National ABC’s of Liver Disease Conference featuring internationally-recognized hepatologists from around the world, with special guest speaker Pamela Anderson.

Played a key role in organizing the 1st Canadian Hepatitis C Conference in Montreal.

Launched National print, radio and television PSA campaign with comedian Martin Short.

Launched the Living with Liver Disease education and support program for patients and their families, the first program of its kind in the world which has since been duplicated by liver organizations in the US, UK and France.

Helped discover the defective gene responsible for Wilson disease, a hereditary liver disorder.

Successfully advocated for universal immunization programs for hepatitis B beginning in British Columbia.

First CLF chapter chartered in Calgary. Today, the CLF has volunteer chapters across Canada.

Awarded first Summer Studentship grant to Dr. Gary Levy, who is now a prominent hepatologist and the head of the Multi-Organ Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital. Learn more.

The Canadian Liver Foundation opened its doors as the world’s 1st organization committed to finding cures for all types of liver disease. Learn more

What’s Happening

The Stroll for Liver Logo

Join us for the 2019 Stroll for Liver – a family friendly, community-based walk/run event dedicated to raising funds for liver research and education. This national event takes place in many cities across the country.

Together with participants, volunteers, sponsors and friends new and old, we continued to successfully raise funds that will help change the future of Canadians living with liver disease!

To learn more visit strollforliver.ca. For sponsorship or volunteer opportunities during the 2019 STROLL for LIVER, please contact your local chapter.

LIVERight Health Forum 

LIVERight Health Forum

The LIVERight Health Forums are FREE educational events for people who are living with liver disease, their family and caregivers, those who are at risk of liver disease, and students who wish to pursue a profession in the healthcare field.

Join us this year in Calgary (April 27th), Vancouver (April 27th), and Edmonton (May 4th). We’re excited to present this FREE event featuring presentations by renowned specialists discussing a variety of liver health and disease topics including nutrition, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, living liver transplants and more. Find more information and register now on our website.

Calgary Health Forum

LIVERight Gala
A Fundraiser In Support of Liver Research and Education 

The LIVERight Gala logo 

The LIVERight Gala is a fundraising event that offers guests a night of top-notch entertainment and gourmet food in five cities across the country; Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. The evening includes cocktails, live and silent auctions, a three-course meal, and great performances by our headline performers.

Visit our LIVERight Gala webpage for 2018 recap and more details on your community’s Gala! 

Thanks to the generous support from people like you, six spectacularly unique LIVERight Galas took place across the country in 2018 and were able to raise over of $1 million dollars for research and education.

For national sponsorship opportunities please contact Karen Seto.

Awareness Campaigns

Liver Health Month #CheckYourEngine

NAFLD Risk Quiz

Check your Engine

Graphic illustrating sugar content

Some car owners sink their time, money and effort into caring for their high-performance vehicle. Others care only the bare minimum, ignoring the oil leaks, the spreading rust or the concerning noises, just hoping that it will always start up in the morning.

Your liver is your body’s engine, and the reality is that when your liver stops and breaks down, your body does too.

This Liver Health Month, the Canadian Liver Foundation would like to share critical ‘engine’ information with you, so that you can take a detour towards liver health! Visit liver.ca/CheckYourEngine to learn more.

Hepatitis C: #ThisisYourWarning

A banner that says 'What do more than 250,000 Canadians have in common?'

Hepatitis C is referred to as a silent disease because people infected often do not show signs of illness. They can go for years not knowing they are carrying this potentially fatal virus – and can spread it to others. 

Undiagnosed and untreated, hepatitis C can lead to a variety of serious health issues including cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, or even death.

Think you are safe from hepatitis C? Think again.

Learn more about our This is Your Warning campaign here. 


A young girl stands with a large pink hat covering her face

You may not see liver disease, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Liver disease can sneak up on you. No one ever expects it will happen to them. And yet, someone you know may already be among the more than 8 million Canadians being affected by liver disease across Canada.

The good news is that many liver diseases can be prevented, managed, or in some cases even cured – but early identification is critical.

Learn more about our Too Close 4 Comfort campaign here.

At the age of 43, Richard was diagnosed with hepatitis C. If that was not enough, the doctor informed Richard that he had probably had this liver disease for over 20 years, and now had cirrhosis of the liver and would soon need a liver transplant.

“When I was first diagnosed with hepatitis C, I had no idea how I got it. I chose to keep my diagnosis a secret from my children for fear of them treating me differently. I felt totally isolated.”

Events and campaigns educate the public about liver disease and help people like Richard feel less isolated. Take a look at your local CLF chapter to see how you can participate in our events, or donate now to help keep these incredible programs running.

Organizational Structure and Governance

The national office of the Canadian Liver Foundation is located in Markham, Ontario and manages the key operational functions of the organization with a team of full-time and part-time staff and volunteers.

In addition to this, the CLF operates out of the following regions:

  • BC/Yukon
  • Southern Alberta
  • Northern Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Southwestern Ontario
  • Greater Toronto
  • Eastern Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic

Each regional office has a varying number of full-time/part-time staff and volunteers who split their time between fundraising, program implementation and patient support within the region.


The Canadian Liver Foundation is overseen by a 15 member board of directors comprised of physicians and private business people who are committed to making a difference in the fight against liver disease.

The CLF board of directors is the highest level of decision-making and authority in the CLF and its role is to act as a public steward by governing the affairs of the organization. Each member serves a term of three years with a possible extension for those who take on a leadership role.

The operations of the CLF are overseen by the CLF President, and each department is overseen by a manager or director.

The following is a list of the CLF’s National Board members:

Morris Sherman, M.D., MB BCh, PhD, FRCP(C)


Kevork Peltekian, MD, FRCPC
Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre

Elliott M. Jacobson, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D


Eric Yoshida, MD, FRCPC
Division of Gastroenterology
UBC – Department of Medicine, Diamond Health Care Centre

Pascale Cloutier
Miller Thomson LLP


Diana Mager, Ph.D. MSc RD
Departments of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science,
Department of Pediatrics 
University of Alberta

Rick Jeysman

Michael Betel (Mktg & Comms Committee)
Canadian Blood Services

Kim Ewasechko (Finance Committee)
nrg Analytics Inc.

Nelson Lee (Finance Committee)

Mel Krajden, MD, FRCPC (MAC)
B.C. Centre for Disease Control

Marco Galego
Golden Star

Marc Bilodeau, MD, FRCPC
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Jordan Feld, MD, MPH
Toronto General Hospital

Richard Schreiber, MD, FRCPC
BC Children’s Hospital

Morris Sherman, MD, FRCPC
Kevork Peltekian, MD, FRCPC
Eric Yoshida, MD, FRCPC
Elliott M. Jacobson, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D
Pascale Cloutier
Diana Mager, PhD
                                 Rick Jeysman                                     Jennifer Nebesky