Stroller Spotlight – Honouring Larry’s Legacy

Stroller Spotlight: Rita Helming

Help support people with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and those who care about them. Continue below to read Rita Helmig’s story about her husband, Larry. STROLLER SPOTLIGHT Honouring Larry’s Legacy My husband, Larry Gibson, was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in late 2006. He had been to multiple doctors for […]

Stroller Spotlight – 89 and Counting

Stroller Spotlight: Francis Ho

Help support awareness and education of liver disease, like Dr. Francis Ho. Continue below to read how he has advocated for people living with liver disease. My name is Dr. Francis Ho, and I am a retired family doctor living and working in Vancouver.  I am 89 years old and […]

Stroller Spotlight – Fighting the Stigma of Liver Disease

Stroller Spotlight: Abby McKinnon

Help fight the stigmafor people living with liver disease.Continue below to read Abby McKinnon’sstory about her father, Dale. STROLLER SPOTLIGHT Fighting the Stigma of Liver Disease: My Family Legacy It was mid-July in 2013 that my father, Dale, went to see his family doctor with harsh pains in his abdomen. […]