Thank you Caregivers

As we gather to mark National Caregivers Day, I’m reminded of the relentless spirit of caregivers across our nation, whose silent sacrifices often remain unseen.

I am Alice Williams, a mother whose life took an unexpected turn when my daughter faced a life-threatening battle with Wilson Disease — a rare genetic disorder we never knew existed until it was almost too late.

Last December, just as I was embracing retirement, my daughter’s health rapidly declined, leading to a diagnosis of Wilson Disease and an urgent liver transplant. We were blindsided, grappling with fear and uncertainty as our daughter fought for her life. The walls caved in further when my son, too, was diagnosed shortly after, his future now tethered to ongoing treatment, to manage the same disease. These events forced me from the sidelines of retirement into the forefront of a battle I never anticipated.

In the face of this adversity, the role of caregiver became my identity. I learned that caregiving transcends the routine tasks of daily care; it embodies the heart’s capacity to love, to fight, and to hope against all odds. It wasn’t just about managing medications or attending endless appointments; it was about nurturing resilience and courage in my children, even when my own heart was breaking.

This journey has not only deepened my understanding of the silent battles caregivers face but has also ignited a fervent passion within me to advocate for change. The challenges we faced highlighted a critical gap in our healthcare system — the need for early screening for Wilson Disease. If newborn screening had been available, the path for my children could have been dramatically different. This realization has propelled me to support systemic healthcare improvements, so that no other family must endure the same hardships.

As caregivers, we do more than tend to the physical needs of those we love; we embark on a mission to transform the very systems that support our health and well-being. Our donations, our advocacy, our participation are all a testament to our unwavering commitment not only to our loved ones but to the future of healthcare for all.

Today, let us celebrate the unyielding courage and compassion of caregivers everywhere. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. Together, we stand in solidarity, supporting one another through every challenge. Here’s to the caregivers—the heroes among us, whose love knows no bounds.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and allowing me to share it on this special day, National Caregivers Day. If my story resonates with you, consider making a donation to the Canadian Liver Foundation today. Together, we can advance crucial research, support, and advocacy for families like mine. Your kindness can change lives. Donate today.

With deepest gratitude and solidarity,
Alice Williams

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