In memory of Dr. Francis Ho

Photo of Dr. Francis Ho

Dr. Francis Ho

Photo of Dr. Francis HoPhysician, Leader, Mentor, Friend – just a few words that come to mind when we hear the name Dr. Francis Ho.

This past week our community commemorated the life of Dr. Ho, who served as the President of the Board or Directors of Canadian Liver Foundation’s BC Yukon Region. A family physician for more than 50 years, Dr. Ho was tirelessly dedicated to making a positive impact on his community, committing his life to serving and supporting others.

A natural and dedicated educator, over the last two decades, Dr. Ho shared his medical knowledge widely through television, radio and conference appearances, infamously engaging his audiences and the public in lengthy Q&A sessions, patiently responding to every query that came his way, until every question was answered. His attentiveness and focus stemmed from the hope that his teachings would transform people’s health and lives.

Here at CLF, Dr. Ho was more than a leader within our BC Yukon chapter, he was an invaluable vision for change within our community. An advocate for liver health, Dr. Ho founded and served as Co-Chair of the Hep Beware Project – a free hepatitis B screening program. Through Hep Beware, Dr. Ho dreamed of one day eradicating hepatitis B. Dr. Ho also created the LIVERight Health Forum, attracting more than 1,000 attendees in its first year – a testament how much the medical community and public overall respected him. Through his leadership and stewardship, he brought much-needed awareness to liver diseases across Canada. In the BC Yukon region, Dr. Ho played an integral role in helping to raise over $4 million since joining our chapter in 2014.

Jennifer Nebesky, CEO and President of the Canadian Liver Foundation reflected on the impact Dr. Ho left on the liver health community – “Dr. Ho’s focus and passion for health was an incredible gift to CLF. His hunger to educate and support others through their health journey was a true catalyst for change – he moved the needle on important research within the foundation. We are eternally grateful for his partnership and vow to continue his legacy by channelling his energy and passion into everything we do.”

Through his life and his work, Dr. Ho exuded joy, charisma and positivity everywhere he went – he radiated a magnetic force that made people just want to be near him. Dr. Ho used that power for good, encouraging everyone he connected with to take better care of themselves, volunteer in their communities and donate to local causes. Dr. Ho acted as a lofty example to follow, with a passion to serve others rooted in a heart for change.

Monica Chui, Director of Development remembers Dr. Ho’s impact on her life, and life of so many others – “Dr. Ho was more than a teammate – he was my mentor, my friend, my family doctor and my sounding board. For more than 25 years, Dr. Ho showed up for me and supported me through all spectrums of my life. From his role as an influential medical professional through to a supportive shoulder during difficult times in my life, Dr. Ho was always there, to listen, guide and support me. He was this anchor for so many others, too. The world lost a true star, but I know that his light will shine on through the legacy of his work and his passion.”

Dr. Francis Ho will be desperately missed, but his legacy, teachings and lust for life will continue on. For those in the community who would like to honour his memory, in lieu of flowers, make a donation at

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