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Today I want to tell you about a campaign the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) recently launched to address a critical problem: cross the country, very little to no foundational liver education is taught in schools.

You can help change this by adding your name to this growing list of Canadians who want to see this change. When you do, a letter will be automatically sent to your Minister of Education on your behalf. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

I didn’t learn what I know about my liver from elementary and secondary school. I now understand the importance of liver health, but this is because I have done my own homework. I have had the privilege to meet with and learn from families across the country affected by liver disease, and I have also learned through the CLF’s partnerships in the liver research community.

How much did I learn about my liver in school? Almost nothing.

I am not alone in this. The sad reality is, unless you or somebody you love has been diagnosed with a liver disease, most people couldn’t even point to where in their body their liver is located. This is not okay for many reasons, especially with dramatically increasing prevalence rates for diseases like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which now affects approximately 25% of Canadians and 1 in 5 children.

Will you sign your name now, and help us get liver health education in schools?

In the past two years alone, I have met hundreds of Canadians living with liver disease and on multiple occasions I have heard people say things like: “If only I had known…” or “Why aren’t they teaching us this in school?!” Unfortunately for each of these people, we can’t change the past. But we can make change today and get kids the information they need to know to live liver-healthy lives before it’s too late.

When a person is educated about a disease, they are much more likely to either prevent it or manage it in their own lives. Because of this, we know that provincial governments across Canada should recognize liver health as a pillar of overall health and create a prominent space for liver education in curriculums across the country. Will you add your name today and help us send a message to your Minister of Education?

Jennifer Nebesky
President and CEO
Canadian Liver Foundation

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