Education Fights Stigma

One way to define stigma is “the act of shaming somebody and even treating them differently because of something like their health status.” People who face stigma often have poorer health outcomes as a result of it because they face more barriers when it comes to accessing things like prevention, treatment, and support. They may also find it more difficult to disclose their health status to those around them.

Stigma is often caused by ignorance or misinformation. That’s why we all need to educate ourselves and those around us. 

We are inviting you to download a short 3-page document designed to help you learn more about stigma and about a couple of liver diseases that often come with stigmatizing experiences. Please read it! Then, share it with others. Discuss it with them. Let’s start talking about the things that are too often left in the shadows. You can help spread awareness among your friends and family. 

Thank you for choosing to fight stigma in support of everybody who lives with liver disease.