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A group of Stroll for Liver participants pose for a group photo in front of a field

Manitoba prides itself on its participation within the community. No matter your race, gender, age, or background, everyone is equal. Unfortunately, the same principle is true when it comes to liver disease: everyone is at risk!

The Canadian Liver Foundation understands that liver disease doesn’t only affect the person with the diagnosis but their family and friends, as well. Everyone should be educated about the illness and feel comfortable talking about it, if they choose, without facing stigma and judgment. Research, patient support, education, and public awareness are important in strengthening our community.

If you are looking to get involved, we host events that welcome people of all ages. Liver disease doesn’t discriminate; it affects those as young as newborns to older adults. For that reason, our events like Stroll For Liver are family-friendly events where children and adults can participate and feel comfortable with one another. The next Stroll for Liver will be in the summer of 2022, so make sure you check back in January for those details.

Do you like to golf? Why not join us in a round or two! We understand that tournaments have been tricky the last few years, but enjoying a round of golf with your friends is totally do-able, and now you can use that fun time to also support a good cause. The Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Liver Foundation partners with several Golf Courses to offer you the opportunity to some charitable giving into your recreational activity. Throughout the 2022 golf season, when you book a tee-time at one of our listed golf courses, you can simply say that your game is in support of the Canadian Liver Foundation, and the club will add your $20 donation to your greens fee. No extra steps are required, and you will receive a full tax receipt for your donation to the Canadian Liver Foundation. This opportunity is designed to be simple and easy for you, and there are no limits on what you can do. Book your tee time whenever you want–no specific dates or times are set aside. And you can do it as many times as you’d like, all season long. If you enjoy the game, the course, and supporting the cause–this is your opportunity to do it all! Invite your friends and family, too; and don’t forget to tell them that you’re golfing in support of the Canadian Liver Foundation! 

The Manitoba chapter also offers a number of outlets for patient support and education; LIVERight Health Forum: Living with Liver Disease series. This program is a free forum for liver disease patients, transplant recipients and families to connect with each other to learn about their disease and learn how to cope. The program also offers free education to high school students, businesses and corporations across the province. 

The LIVERight Health Forum and the Living with Liver Disease Series are supported by AstraZeneca logo

If you are looking for more information on our chapter, the events or programs we offer, please navigate through our regional pages and reach out to our office below!

Regional Coordinator, Manitoba/Saskatchewan:
Bianca Tetrault


The Peer Support Network

This program is a national network of people living with liver disease that have offered to share their experiences with others. It was developed by the Canadian Liver Foundation as a means to link Canadians like you who have been diagnosed with a liver disease, have a family member who has liver disease or care for someone who suffers from liver disease to talk about your concerns with a peer with a similar experience.

If you would like to connect with a Peer Supporter in your area, or would like to join the Peer Support Network, please contact Bianca Pengelly.

2021 Featured Supporter

We are fortunate to welcome new volunteers and participants to all of our events, and are extremely fortunate for the individuals who continue to support us year after year.

The Manitoba Chapter would like to introduce our first official LIVERight Little Hero, Kallen! Kallen made the wonderful decision to donate all of his birthday money to the CLF, and did some fundraising outside of that as well. Kallen presented our office with a cheque over $1,000. He turned 5 years old in February, and we couldn’t be more proud of the commitment, dedication and support he has shown us. We would like to thank him, and all who donated.

If you have a child who would like to join the LIVERight Little Heroes program, please contact the MB/SK office for more information.

We are incredibly grateful to all of our amazing volunteers, supporters and participants who help make all of this possible. Your donations and hard work are what keep hope alive for all of us who search for an end to liver disease.