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A group of Stroll for Liver participants pose for a group photo in front of a field

In 2019, our national events raised more than $1 million dollars in support of lifesaving research and educational programs for the millions of Canadians affected by liver disease. Among the highlights were our two signature events, the LIVERight Gala and the STROLL for LIVER. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to cancel or repackage these events in 2020, we are excited about the new and creative fundraising methods we are embracing in an effort to fill the need.

Current Manitoba Events and Campaigns

Golf & Give

The Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) will partner with several golf courses throughout the province during the months of May to October, 2021. When you pay for your tee time, simply state that you are golfing for the CLF and they will add an additional charge to your golf fee. Any donation over $20 will be given a tax receipt for income tax purposes. We take care of the rest while you enjoy your game! There is no set dates or times that you need to register, this event is completely open with the golf season. A list of partner golf courses will be coming soon!

The Stroll for Liver Logo

The Stroll for Liver is a family favorite! Due to Covid-19 the 2021 Stroll will be virtual, with the event date to take place on August 29th, 2021. Although the date may seem far from now, there is lots you can do to encourage early support and participation in your community! Using a virtual component to this event, there is no restrictions on who can register. This event is open to everyone in Canada! Please contact Bianca Pengelly at 204-345-2434 or for more information on how you can join this years Stroll for Liver.

LIVERight Little Heroes​

Join the LIVERight Little Heroes program and become champion of liver health. Little Heroes raise funds through their birthday parties and other events to support liver research projects across the country and education programs in the community. In lieu of presents on their birthdays, they ask their friends to donate to the Canadian Liver Foundation.

If you are 12 years old or younger and want to become a LIVERight Little Hero, please contact Bianca Pengelly. Phone: 204-345-2434. Email:

Spring is on the way, lets make it Green!


The benefits to using rain water on your plants is outstanding! They grow faster, they are healthier and of course, you are conserving water! The Manitoba Chapter has partnered with to bring you rain barrels at a great price, with a portion of every order being donated to the CLF. This promotion is only available to the communities of Brandon, Winnipeg, Lac du Bonnet (and its surrounding areas). Any orders done in Brandon and Winnipeg will be given home delivery service. Any orders for Lac du Bonnet and surrounding areas will need to be picked up in Lac du Bonnet at the pick up location (to be announced).

Make sure to click on your city and the Canadian Liver Foundation as your charity of choice while placing your order!