5 Ways To Show Your Liver Some Love On Valentine’s Day!

5 Ways To Show Your Liver Some Love On Valentine’s Day!

We put a lot of effort into showing the special people in our lives how truly loved they are on Valentine’s Day. But, do we do enough to show our liver how much we care about it? Here are five great tips on making sure the love for our liver extends beyond Valentine’s Day and makes it into our everyday lives!

Buy your liver a coffee

Heck, buy it 2 or 3! Drinking black coffee can slow the progression of liver damage and reduce the risk of liver cancer. We suggest drinking it black, but skim milk and minimal sugar are healthy alternatives as well!

From left to right, a teaspon, coffee beans arranged in a heart, and a person holding a coffee cup with their hands wrapped around them are shown. The background is blank and grey.

Enjoy a healthy, home-cooked meal together

Processed food and many restaurant meals are high in sodium, sugar and fat. Use the occasion of Valentine’s Day to make a special dinner that’s delicious and nutritious!

A man is seperating shredded red cabbage into a frying pan with a wooden handle and a wood spoon sitting in the pan. The heat is on and some other ingredients can be slightly seen. In the background, a vase full of red flowers can be seen out of focus, which may paint the picture of a Valentine's day dinner

Clean the house using non-toxic products

Reduce the liver’s exposure to toxins by choosing environmentally friendly products or ‘old school’ ingredients like baking soda or vinegar. These are great alternatives when you’re looking for effective ways to get out stains, fight odours or disinfect surfaces.

A man in genes and a checkered dress shirt is mopping his kitchen floor while wearing blue and yellow rubber gloves. You can only see the man from the torso downward, but he is standing on a carpet while wearing red socks, probably because the floor around him is wet. The kitchen has white cupboards, expose brick, and some utensils can be seen on the counter.

Quit smoking

The liver has to process all the harmful chemicals in each cigarette you smoke. Smoking can increase your risk of liver cancer, especially if you have another form of liver disease.

4 ciagrettes rest on an ash tray just out of frame to the right. in the middle, a cigarette has been put out with ash spread across the ledge it sits on. It has been smoked down to the yellow filter.

Get moving

Go dancing, running, play a sport, or go for a long walk. 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity a day can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


A man and woman ride bikes at the same speed down a bike or walking path.

For more tips on how to live a liver-healthy life year round, learn more about your liver.

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