A Framework for Meaningful Impact

A Framework for Meaningful Impact

As I reflect on another year in my role as President and CEO of the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF), I am proud to begin 2022 sharing our new three-year strategic plan with our community, A Framework for Meaningful Impact. It is our bold approach to becoming an even stronger liver health leader in Canada and your partner in combatting liver disease, and I want to take an opportunity today to share how we got here.

The field of healthcare, research and advocacy in Canada is shifting, and the CLF is not exempt from this time of change. We knew this when I began as CEO in January 2020, and we saw the urgency and speed of this change accelerate even further when we all faced the onset of a global pandemic.

This time uncovered critical areas that we needed to address to sustain our role as Canada’s liver disease champion for the next 50+ years. We saw communities engaging on social issues like never before, confronting inequity, advocating for improved health and well-being, and finding new ways to stay connected. We recognized the digital era being fully upon us, driving new and exciting innovations, partnerships, advancements in research, and welcoming new facets of opportunity.

We also saw that these are exciting times. And, as momentum continues to build and the world evolves, we decided that we will not be a bystander – the time had come to embrace change.

With this in mind, we spent much of 2021 connecting directly with our community of individuals living with liver disease, their caregivers and loved ones, researchers, healthcare providers, and more, to answer one question: “What do you need the Canadian Liver Foundation to prioritize over the next three years in order to become an even stronger liver health leader in Canada?”

We needed to determine our markers of change and how to get there, and your responses via surveys, one-on-one interviews, group consultations and more, informed the creation of this strategic plan to guide us and shape our path forward.

The result? These six strategic directions:

  • Reach more people with improved support services and systems
  • Increase meaningful community engagement
  • Develop and action an evidence and equity-based audience strategy
  • Define the research program
  • Strengthen health promotion, education, and awareness campaigning
  • Grow and evolve fundraising opportunities across Canada

The complete plan goes further into each of these directions and what they each mean. They reflect a deeper commitment to improving liver health in Canada via community support, a community-centric approach to everything we embark on, prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, reviewing the research we fund and prioritizing areas of greatest need, ensuring more of our work is seen and heard across the country, and building our network and fundraising program to meet these needs.

Over the next three years, we look forward to serving and supporting you, bringing liver research to life, and continuing to be a partner for the 1 in 4 Canadians living with and affected by liver disease.

I highly encourage you to read the full report and let us know what you think. We are thrilled to be starting this work and will regularly be sharing our progress via channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow along with us as we pursue this plan and support our vision of a world without liver disease.


Jennifer Nebesky
President & CEO

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