New online resources to help you learn more about liver disease

New Online Resources to Help You Learn More About Liver Disease

Patient support, education and awareness are central to the work we do at the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF). For many years, we’ve produced new content annually to help Canadians better understand the world of liver disease, but in recent years we’ve produced even more to support our community in a virtual-first world. More than ever, we’ve virtualized our liver health education programs to stay connected with you, our liver health community, amidst the global pandemic. The result? New online resources to help you learn more about liver disease, diagnosis, prevention, care, and research.

Here’s our 2021 roundup: 

Meet the Researcher Series

Donations made to the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) help fund liver disease research, helping to advance prevention, diagnosis, treatment and even cures. In this ongoing series, we showcase this life-saving work and introduce you to the faces behind it.

So far, we’ve shared five interviews, including with:

  • Dr. Giada Sebastiani
  • Dr. Lori West
  • Dr. Naglaa Shoukry
  • Dr. Andrew Mason
  • Dr. Mamatha Bhat

Check them out!

Liver Cancer Education Videos

From defining liver cancer and talking prevention, to treatment and managing symptoms, we cover it all in this bilingual, three-part animated video series. These videos offer a great starting point for general awareness on liver cancer and may help you better understand your diagnosis to discuss treatment options with your healthcare team. Watch the videos.

“Ask the Expert” Facebook Webinars

We teamed up with the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver to answer your pressing questions are three top liver disease topics:

Each webinar is one-hour long and dives deep into each topic, providing powerful insight into each of these liver diseases and how to manage them.

*Please note: Subtitles are available in English and French for the “Ask the Expert” Facebook Webinars.

We’ve got even more new content in store this year – be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to be notified of upcoming webinars and workshops, and to keep up with the latest interviews and educational videos.

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