Be a Beacon of Hope and Support

This month, we’ve invited four Canadians to the blog to tell their liver disease story and to share what monthly donors mean to them.

Our fourth community member is Vincy – take it away Vincy!

My name is Vincy, and I was born with a liver disease called biliary atresia. I have a beautiful family, including my precious 10-year-old son, and we live in Stouffville, Ontario. Our journey with liver disease has been filled with emotional ups and downs, but the unwavering support we receive from the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) has been a beacon of hope for us.

Our family cherishes every moment we have together, whether it’s playing video games, listening to podcasts, or going on vacation. However, living with liver disease has often caused me to miss out on irreplaceable moments with my son due to exhaustion or illness. At times, I’m overwhelmed with guilt and sadness, but my son’s unconditional love and understanding have been a constant source of strength.

Today I am asking for your help.

The CLF needs to find 25 new monthly donors before July 1st, and by becoming one today, you are extending a lifeline to families like mine.

The next decision you make can help provide the resources, education and support we so desperately need to navigate the harrowing challenges of liver disease. Your monthly donation helps to:

  • Fund groundbreaking research and advances in treatments for liver diseases like biliary atresia.
  • Provide life-changing educational materials and resources for patients and their families.
  • Establish nurturing support groups that foster a sense of community and shared understanding.
  • Develop vital patient advocacy programs, ensuring that the voices of those living with liver disease are heard.

Your monthly donation will ensure that the CLF remains a sanctuary where all Canadians, including patients like me and our families, can turn for support in our darkest hours. Your generosity can transform lives and help us create lasting memories together.

Please pledge a monthly donation today and become a hero for families living with liver disease. Your support is urgently needed and your monthly donation will be a testament to the power of human compassion.

Thank you for your kindness and for offering hope to families like mine.



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