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Photo of Dr. Charles Scudamore

Welcome to the new British Columbia Chapter Board President Dr. Charles Scudamore

Photo of Dr. Charles ScudamoreWe are pleased to announce Dr. Charles Scudamore as the Canadian Liver Foundation’s new British Columbia Chapter Board President, filling the role formerly held by the late Dr. Francis Ho.

Dr. Charles Scudamore is one of Canada’s most well-known hepatobiliary, liver transplant surgeons and is British Columbia’s foremost physicians, working to extend the lives of those diagnosed with serious cancers.

“Dr. Francis Ho did such a magnificent job in this role. It will be impossible to replace him, but I hope to continue his legacy,” said Dr. Scudamore.

Dr. Scudamore co-founded the liver transplant program in 1989 and has been a leading surgical expert in liver transplantation, hepatobiliary oncology and trauma at the Vancouver General Hospital and British Columbia Children’s Hospital. He also developed Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery at the University of British Columbia and is the former president of the North Pacific Surgical Association and British Columbia Surgical Society.

An expert on the early recognition of pancreatic cancer as well as advanced colorectal metastases to the liver, Dr. Scudamore has led efforts to increase the number of liver transplants performed in British Columbia.

In recognition of research and other efforts to improve outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer, Dr. Scudamore received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and was a recipient of the Order of British Columbia, the highest honour a resident of British Columbia can obtain. He was honoured by the Vancouver General Hospital and is a past Medical Honouree of the Canadian Liver Foundation, BC/Yukon Region’s LIVERight Gala and has received the Gift of Life Award from the Happy Liver Society. 

Dr. Scudamore served as the honorary Chair of the Canadian Liver Foundation, BC/Yukon Region’s LIVERight Gala and has volunteered his time as a lecturer at the annual LIVERight Health Forum.

“Research for liver diseases is a national endeavor – the CLF sponsors and funds research and social institutions across the country,” said Dr. Scudamore. “Raising regional funding for research is important, because when it all comes together, it helps every canadian.”

We are extremely honoured to have him join our board and are grateful for what his expertise, focus and dedication to his medical research and practice will bring to the foundation.

Dr. Charles Scudamore




Photo of Dr. Charles Scudamore(溫哥華,2021 年 6 月 25 日)加拿大肝臟基金會很高興宣布 Dr. Charles Scudamore成為加拿大肝臟基金會卑詩省/育空地區新任董事會主席,接替已故的 何仲偉醫學博士擔任的職務。

Dr. Charles Scudamore 是加拿大最著名的肝膽、肝移植外科醫生之一,也是卑詩省其中一位最傑出的醫生,致力於延長被診斷患有嚴重癌症病人的生命。

“何仲偉醫生在加拿大肝臟基金會卑詩省/育空地區董事會主席這個角色上做得非常出色。取代他是不可能的,但我希望能夠延續他遺留下來的工作,”Dr. Scudamore說。

Dr. Scudamore 於 1989 年共同創立了肝移植項目,並且一直是溫哥華綜合醫院和卑詩省兒童醫院肝移植、肝膽腫瘤學和外傷領域的領先外科專家。 他還在卑詩省大學開發了肝膽胰外科,並且是北太平洋外科協會和卑詩省外科學會的前任主席。

Dr. Scudamore 是早期識別胰腺癌和晚期結直腸肝臟轉移的專家,他領導努力增加了卑詩省進行的肝移植手術的數量。

為表彰改善胰腺癌患者預後所做的研究和其他努力,Dr. Scudamore 於 2012 年獲得伊麗莎白二世女王鑽禧獎章,並且是卑詩省勳章的獲得者,這是卑詩省居民可以獲得的最高榮譽 , 他亦獲得溫哥華綜合醫院的榮譽,也是加拿大肝臟基金會、卑詩省/育空地區 LIVERight Gala 晚宴的醫學榮譽獲得者,及獲得 “快樂肝臟協會”頒發的 “生命重燃獎”。

Dr. Scudamore 曾擔任加拿大肝臟基金會、卑詩省/育空地區 LIVERight Gala 晚宴的名譽主席,並在一年一度的 “ 肝病健康講座”擔任講師。

“肝病研究是一項全國性的工作—加拿大肝臟基金會資助全國的肝病研究和教育工作,”Dr. Scudamore 說。 “為研究籌集地區資金很重要,因為當這一切匯集在一起時,它對每個加拿大人都有幫助。” 我們非常榮幸Dr. Scudamore加入我們的董事會,並感謝他的專業知識、專注和對醫學研究和實踐的奉獻將為基金會帶來新展望。

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