Questions To Ask Your Doctor 

A doctor listens attentively while taking notes of what her patient is telling her. She is wearing a stethoscope and writing with pen on a clipboard. The patient is a middle-aged woman her glasses, and her back to the camera.

As a patient, you may not think to share or remember all the questions you wanted to ask until after you leave the doctor’s office. These tips will have you prepared so that you get the most out of your next visit.

Give Your Liver A Break

Abstaining from alcohol for a month can be beneficial for a short while, but long-term health benefits require living a liver-healthy lifestyle year-round.

Tips For A Struggling Caregiver

Many who care for someone living with liver disease become overwhelmed with constant worry. To manage life as a caregiver, we’ve developed these effective tips.

What’s Intended To Help Shouldn’t Hurt

Before you head to the cabinet for medication, there are a few things you should know to ensure that what you take will help, not hurt.

Coffee and Your Liver

A cup of joe, morning fuel, or your ‘think juice’— love it or hate it, coffee undeniably has deep roots in our modern society. The good news is that drinking black coffee may be one of the best things you can do for your liver.

A Sensible Guide for Sips

Alcohol may put some in a more relaxed state, but it also makes it easy to underestimate exactly how much we’re consuming.