Celebrating and Honouring Black History Month

Celebrating and Honouring Black History Month

We would like to recognize and celebrate the many Black Canadians who contribute to and enrich our incredible nation. It is our privilege to work alongside nurses, allied health professionals, public health officials, scientists and fellow physicians and surgeons from the diverse Black communities of Canada. Finally, it is our immense honor as hepatologists to help take care of Black Canadians whose origins may be from all parts of world.

As hepatologists, we hope to affect change in our health care system by removing systemic equity barriers in access to liver care, and mitigate unconscious bias that is detrimental for our Black patients from coast to coast. We have much work to do in advocating for better screening for liver diseases like viral hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, alcohol related liver disease, and optimizing access to liver transplantation for those in the Black community. Most importantly, we need to promote health care as a career option for young Black Canadian students and promote diversity and equity in all areas of medicine and academia, including hepatology.

Despite the undeniable historical past of systemic racism and bias, the truth is that today, our nation is made richer by our distinct cultures and traditions, by our varied histories, and by our commonalities as human beings. This February, we celebrate Black History and Black culture in Canada with the utmost gratitude and great optimism for a brighter tomorrow.

Drs. Natasha Chandok and Eric Yoshida

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