Inspiring Eight-Year-Old Raises Hundreds for Liver Health

Inspiring Eight-Year-Old Raises Hundreds for Liver Health

“If I could help even a little bit to bring hope to someone’s life who is suffering with liver disease then I will be one happy eight-year old! I know that the Canadian Liver Foundation can help me do that.”
– Nikki

Third-grader Nikki is proof that it’s never too young to start making a difference. From an early age, Nikki’s parents shared the importance of giving back to her community. So, when asked at school how she would be celebrating Lent, Nikki decided to make a positive impact in the lives of Canadians affected by liver disease. And with that, Nikki is on a mission to give back – one bracelet at a time!

We sat down with Nikki to learn more about her fundraising initiative and to hear why she’s raising funds for liver health.

CLF: Tell us more about your fundraiser.

Nikki: In my religion class, we were learning about Lent and my teacher asked us to share what we were giving up [for Lent], or if we were making a promise through Lent. I thought about it for a bit and thought that it would be great to give back. Since I love making bracelets, I thought I could sell them and then donate all the money that I earn to the Canadian Liver Foundation.

I picked bracelets because I’m good at making them and I can customize or pick the colours that I feel go best with the person. Everyone is unique, so every bracelet is also unique.

CLF: Why the Canadian Liver Foundation?

Nikki: I have a connection to liver disease through two very special people in my life – my parents. My Dad has Wilson’s Disease and my mom had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. As I get older, I am learning more about liver disease and how it affects people in different ways.

The Canadian Liver Foundation is very important to my family, and I’ve heard from my parents how the work that they do helps members of the community.

People need to know that liver disease can happen to anyone and that’s scary to know. My parents have told me how amazing our livers are – did you know your liver has over 500 functions? That’s amazing! But that it’s the organ that is usually forgotten until something bad happens.

I hope that my donation helps people learn more about liver disease and goes towards support programs for people who have been affected.

To date, Nikki has already raised $400 dollars (and counting!) through her bracelet fundraiser. If you’d like to support Nikki’s effort, go to:

And, if you’re feeling inspired by this little leader, start your own fundraiser at

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