Julia is Our Hero: Celebrating Living Donation Week

Julia is Our Hero: Celebrating Living Donation Week

A “living donation” is the selfless act of voluntarily donating a portion of your liver to somebody in need, providing a life-changing opportunity for the recipient to receive a transplant more quickly.

It is Living Donation Week! Please join us in celebrating extraordinary heroes among us — people who transform lives by becoming a living organ donor. 

Meet Julia, a 25-year-old from Vancouver, BC, who embodies what it means to give selflessly. She is one of the fewer than 10 Canadians who have ever decided to anonymously donate more than one of their organs to a complete stranger!

At the young age of 23, Julia anonymously donated part of her liver to a baby in urgent need. And she didn’t stop there. She has since donated a kidney to a stranger as well.

“Donating a portion of my liver is the best thing that I have done,” Julia shares. “It’s only a few months of your life that could improve someone’s quality of life or even save someone’s life.”

Julia’s Story is a Reminder for Us All
Julia’s commitment to helping others doesn’t stop at organ donation. At 17, she joined the stem cell registry, and at 18, she began donating blood. Today, she is a nurse, continually nurturing her passion for helping others. Her story is a vivid example of the ripple effect one person’s generosity can have, and it underlines the importance of the educational resources and campaigns we provide at the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF).

How You Can Make an Impact
This Living Donation Week, we ask you to consider the different ways you can contribute, just like Julia. Whether you choose to become an organ donor, volunteer your time, or make a financial contribution to the CLF, you are playing a vital role in changing and saving lives.

A Message of Gratitude
On behalf of everyone at the CLF, we extend our deepest thanks to you for standing with us, for believing in the power of living donation, and for continuing to help us provide Canadians with the tools they need to manage a liver disease diagnosis with ideal health outcomes and quality of life.

Please join us in celebrating Living Donation Week, Julia’s incredible generosity, and the impact that you, our cherished community, make possible every day.

With warmest regards,

Sarah Asgari
VP of Fundraising
Canadian Liver Foundation

P.S.: 1 in 4 Canadians are affected by liver disease, and we are here for every single one. Our work is only possible because of generous people like you. Please consider making a small donation today.

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