Just Ask!

Just Ask!

March is Liver Health Month and we’re looking for your most pressing questions about liver disease. Wonder what happens if you’re pregnant and you have hepatitis? Curious what new treatments are getting liver specialists excited? Looking for support or help as a caregiver of a loved one with liver disease? Look no further: Just Ask today!

Send us your questions now and our dedicated community of patients, experts and Canadian Liver Foundation staffers will bring you the answers you’re looking for.

Our roster of experts, staffers and community members responding to your questions include a liver transplant recipient who drove through the night after he got the call his liver was ready, doctors who are fighting stigma and full of hope about the future of care options, a woman taking on liver cancer while advocating for herself and others, and so many more. They’re ready, willing and awaiting your queries — Just Ask today!

We’ll share responses on our social platforms throughout the month of March, which means millions of Canadians impacted by liver disease will see your questions and answers, benefitting from your thoughtful inquiries.

So get going! Submit your questions today, then check back in March for the answers. Thank you for your care, your curiosity and your support in spreading knowledge and hope to the entire liver community.


Jennifer Nebesky
President & CEO

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