Liver Healthy Habits for a New Year

Healthy Habits for a New Year

There’s a new year mindset that seems to kick in here in North America that revolves around making resolutions. And hear us out, while bettering and improving is always a positive thing to strive for, we want to remember to celebrate the small steps.

Sometimes resolutions can sizably feel like big life changes – overwhelming ones. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of some healthy habits that you can work at slowly to benefit your liver health. The thing about heathy habits is that they take time to build up and accomplishing them is no small feat. So whatever habits you are trying to build (or break!) in 2024, know that small steps or progress is worth celebrating.

Check out our top five list of healthy habits you could work toward this year to benefit your liver health:

Try a new outdoor winter activity!

Let’s be honest, in the winter, it’s hard to get outside in our chilly Canadian temperatures. But, if you bundle up and pair the outing with a new and fun activity like snowshoeing, skiing, or skating, you just might start to wish for that next snowfall! Consistent exercise can benefit your overall liver health in many ways, including reducing the fat in your liver, decreasing liver inflammation, and boosting your overall mood. Outdoor exercise also allows for the opportunity to connect with your family and friends, or members of your community.

Add in more whole foods!

Every small shift to add more whole foods to your diet is a huge step in working towards a liver-friendly diet. No change is too small! You could add a serving of chopped kale in your morning egg bites, blueberries or mango to your afternoon smoothie, or a delicious roasted sweet potato with fresh cilantro and smashed avocado for dinner.

Write down what you’re grateful for.

There are so many studies that have confirmed that the act of gratefulness has been proven to improve mental health and has lasting effects on the brain. Take a moment in your day, whether physically on paper or intentionally in your mind, and make note of three things you’re grateful for that day. You might be surprised how happy of a habit this becomes!

Limit your intake of sweetened or alcoholic beverages.

This small step for your liver health, and all-around health, will make a big difference to the way your liver keeps up with all the 500+ functions it performs daily.

Make the swap to natural household cleaners.

Pesticides and other toxins can injure liver cells. Read the warning labels on the chemicals found in your home and wear a mask and ventilate your space if you choose to use them.


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