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LIVERight Health Forum

The LIVERight Health Forum is an event that provides valuable information and support for those living with liver disease and their caregivers. Over the years, thousands of people have attended the event that was previously hosted in Vancouver by the Canadian Liver Foundation’s British Columbia-Yukon chapter. This year, to face the public health requirements foisted upon us by COVID-19, we’ve turned the LIVERight Health Forum into an online event and invited everyone, regardless of their location, to join us as we hear from our panel of world-renowned liver health experts!

We are using this important event to focus attention on a different healthcare crisis. . . one that no one is talking about, except us. The crisis is liver disease; fully 1 in 4 Canadians may be impacted, and many of those don’t even know it. The Canadian Liver Foundation is committed to helping all Canadians live healthful, vibrant lives, so we’re thrilled to be able to open the LIVERight Health Forum, free of charge, to all who want to make sure they are taking care of themselves and their liver.

At 3:30 p.m. (Pacific) / 6:30 p.m. (Eastern) on each day of the week-long forum, one of our medical experts will present relevant and important topics live via Facebook. And if you miss a session, don’t worry. The videos, complete with French subtitles) will be available on our website after the Forum has ended.

We’re thrilled to share that, this year, Gilead Canada Inc. is supporting us as the National Sponsor for the LIVERight Health Forum. A company that shares our commitment to liver health, Gilead Canada was eager to support the event and our efforts to make it accessible for people across Canada and around the world.

“Gilead Canada Inc. is proud to be supporting the important work being done by the Canadian Liver Foundation,” said Melissa Koomey, General Manager and Vice President of Gilead Canada. “The LIVERight Health Forum is a great opportunity for Canadian patients and caregivers to increase knowledge and awareness of liver disease.”

Koomey adds, “We share the CLF’s mission to advance care for patients diagnosed with liver disease. With more than 40% of Canadians with HCV unaware of their infection, we are committed to partnering with key stakeholders to educate the public on disease awareness and transmission and also providing support to ensure patients have access to care and treatment.”

The LIVERight Health Forum provides positive, preventative, and practical advice and tools to help the public safeguard their liver health in daily life. We educate the public to LIVERight every day by eating properly, exercising, being aware of environmental hazards, getting immunized against hepatitis A and B, managing medication properly and being aware of risk factors of liver disease.

Join us from September 21st to 26th for this exciting event! Find the complete schedule here.

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