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A Good Offence for Liver Cancer’s Defence

Since 1970, liver cancer cases have tripled for men and doubled for women. What’s more is that over half of liver cancer patients cannot be treated with the current therapies available.
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Sparking a Passion for Change

Serena Ho is the first to admit she knew little about liver disease. It wasn’t until her dad Stephen was diagnosed with liver cancer, that both her and her family began buffing up on their liver health knowledge.
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Coffee and Your Liver

A cup of joe, morning fuel, or your ‘think juice’— love it or hate it, coffee undeniably has deep roots in our modern society. The good news is that drinking black coffee may be one of the best things you can do for your liver.

Tale of a Tenured Volunteer

Marla’s “jack of all trades” volunteer tenure with the CLF demonstrates how anyone with the determination, passion and drive to help others can play a tremendous role in promoting liver health and reducing the impact of liver disease.
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International PBC Day

On International PBC Day, we want to put a face on this progressive liver disease so that we may work to recognize how to better diagnose, treat and cure it.

The Nutrition in Cirrhosis Guide

Filled with practical tips and healthy recipes, this guide will help patients with cirrhosis and their caregivers navigate more effectively through daily life.
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Liver Friendly Recipes

Liver Friendly Recipe: Black Bean Brownies

You won’t want to show up to an outing empty handed, so why not bake these delicious and healthy black bean brownies (trust us, they’re worth it!)

Who Gives a Sliver of a Liver to a Stranger?

Heather Badenoch did not hesitate after seeing a family turn to social media in their search for a living liver donor. This sparked the beginning of her journey to becoming an anonymous living liver donor.