Montréal Gala

Rialto Theater in Montreal

Montréal’s Foie de Vivre Gala Soirée 2018

A Fundraiser in Support of Liver Research and Education

Liver disease is often seen as an adult problem but in reality, thousands of children in Quebec, and the rest of Canada – from newborns to teens – suffer from various forms of life-threatening liver diseases. Our urgent challenge is to transform the future of these children, to offer them a realistic hope for a long and happy life.

Join us on Saturday, November 17, for the 2nd annual Montreal LIVERight Gala Soirée. This fabulous fundraising “Marionnette Dinner Theatre” in Montreal is in support of children and youth affected by liver disease.

The 2nd Annual Montreal Foie de Vivre Gala Soirée will be held on Saturday November 17th
at the famous Rialto Theatre!

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For volunteer or sponsorship opportunities please contact Anne Brisson
at (514) 457-7575 or by email: abrisson@liver.cath

2017 Photo Gallery

Aerial Lamp Performance cropped
Dress Up Corner Detail
Nouvelle Orchestra Performance
Natalie Choquette
Guest Photo
Roaming Performer with guests
Guests Photo
Crowd Photo
Natalie Choquette Descent
Crowd in Cocktail Section

2017 Foie de Vivre Gala Soirée recap.

In 2017, the Foie de Vivre Gala Soirée in Montréal took place at the Circus School of Cirque Éloize. It was a magical experience which included circus performers, live classical music, an art vernissage, and a costume corner & photo booth. A playful, creative design transported guests back to the magic of childhood, featuring Natalie Choquette as emcee extraordinaire!

Thanks to the generous support from our volunteers, attendees, special guests, sponsors, and donors, we are thrilled to announce that the 2017 LIVERight Gala was a great success across the country. This national event raised over $1.2 million dollars in support of liver research and education! We are happy to be one step closer to a world without liver disease. Thank you to everyone who teamed up to help make the 2017 LIVERight Gala a huge success!success!

Thierry OlsthoornThierry had just celebrated his 11th birthday when one fine morning as he was getting ready for school, I noticed that his eyes were slightly tinged yellow. For a few days, I kept asking my family, “Do his eyes look yellow to you?” But no one else seemed to notice so I tried to put it out of my mind. Until the morning he woke up and his skin colour matched his eyes.

Events snowballed within a few hours after that; family clinic, CLSC for a blood test, almost immediate results, the local hospital waiting for Thierry’s admission! Thierry was transferred to Sainte-Justine University Hospital where an early biopsy revealed that he had auto-immune hepatitis. Quickly a regimen of mediations ensued which Thierry will probably have to take for the rest of his life.

Thierry continues to be treated at CHUM Ste-Justine, he is in the absolute best possible hands with his specialist and, thankfully, he is able to lead a normal life. Thierry has just entered high school and is really excited about the science program. For him now, the sky is the limit!