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Take 5On Saturday, November 11, 2017, the Canadian Liver Foundation will host the annual LIVERight Gala featuring Award-Winning comedian Mike MacDonald as emcee, and the top-tier performance of the popular band Take 5.

An Evening not to be missed.

Witness inspiring stories from the families who are affected by liver disease firsthand including CLF's volunteer Robert Morin. Hear from Dr. Erin Kelly, a well-known hepatologist and researcher from The Ottawa Hospital and her contribution to make life better for the millions of Canadians living with liver disease.

Beat the odds.

If your odds of winning the lottery were one in four, you would rush to buy a ticket. But what if those same odds represented your chance of developing a serious liver disease? Suddenly, ‘beating the odds’ becomes a matter of life and death. One in four are the odds facing an estimated eight million Canadians from infants to seniors. But with your help, we can change them. This event will raise funds for liver research, education and support programs for Canadians of all ages affected by liver disease.

For more details on our special guest and families please read on.

 $150 ($75.00 Tax Receipt)

Table: $1,500 ($750.00 Tax Receipt)


Tickets include:

  • Hors d’oeuvres | 3 Course Dinner
  • Live performance by Take 5
  • Comedy show by Mike MacDonald
  • Live and Silent Auctions
  • Door Prizes
  • Free parking

Ottawa Convention Centre
200 Coventry Rd. | Ottawa, Ontario

Doors open at 6:00PM
Dinner served at 7:00 PM

For more event information, contact Sharron Riley-Persson by email or phone at 1 (800) 563-5483 (Extension 4931).

Lillian & her family

Lillian and familyOn November 8th, 2010 Lillian was born after a healthy planned C-section with no surprises but on December 6th at just six weeks old things rapidly changed and Lillian was diagnosed with biliary atresia.

On New Year’s Eve, doctors recommended the Kasaia procedure for Lillian, an operation to replace the damaged bile duct with a new drainage system made from a piece of the small intestine. It worked for awhile, but the 14 medications Lillian was taking daily were not helping and the doctors recommended a liver transplant from a living donor.

Lillian’s father’s was a match for her, but he had to embark on a 9 month routine to become healthier and lose weight to be able to donate part of his liver to his beloved daughter. During this 9-month period, Lillian was in horrible discomfort and as time went on, her spleen enlarged. Her health was up and down causing such distress for Lilian and her family.

Lillian was 14 months old when she received a portion of her Dad's liver. Unfortunately In the past 3 years Lillian has had 5 liver biopsies because she continues to experience bile duct problems. She may require another transplant in the near future. Lillian's parents Arlene and Tony trust that the research the CLF funds could soon find the answers to avoid another transplant for their daughter.

Meet Lillian and her family at the Ottawa Gala, buy your tickets now!


Adam & his family

Adam and his familyAdam was born in Ottawa, on August 21, 2008 weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz. He appeared to be a healthy baby except for his jaundice.  After many tests and lots of waiting, Adam was diagnosed with biliary atresia.

At  just 5 weeks of age, Adam had his first surgery (the Kasai procedure). The Kasai unfortunately was not successful and his liver continued to become more damaged. Adam's parents continued to to follow doctors' instructions giving him the many medications, vitamins and special formula he needed in order to help him grow.

Just 1 week before Adam turned 6 months old, he had his liver transplant his Dad, David donated a portion of his liver. The surgery went well but there were many ups and downs. The first year following his transplant was filled with IV medications every day at first and then once a week, many oral medications, frequent blood work and visits back to the hospital.

Today Adam is an active, social, very happy kid enjoying life to the fullest.

Meet Adam and his family at the Gala. Buy your tickets now!


Mike MacDonald – our emcee for the evening

Canadian Comedian Mike MacDonald

Mike has always lived his life as an open book never shying away from his own personal battles. In 2011, MacDonald was diagnosed with Hepatitis C which progressed to the point where his liver and his kidneys shut down. He was put on the waiting list for a liver transplant and on March 17, 2013 he underwent a successful seven-hour liver transplant operation.

Mike an Canadian Award-Winning comedian, understands the power of laughter. In addition to his successful and well-received live performances all over North America, Mike has appeared on numerous TV shows on HBO, Showtime, The Comedy Network, and CBC’s Just For Laughs.

He has also starred in three well received and critically acclaimed specials for the CBC in Canada and for Showtime in the US which include, On Target, My House My Rules! and Happy As I Can Be.

Mike has been an incredible supporter of the Canadian Liver Foundation helping raise awareness of liver health and liver disease and we are grateful for his support.


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