A thank-you message, and my four reasons why

A thank-you message, and my four reasons why

The Canadian Liver Foundation’s (CLF) is nothing without our community, and as we head into 2023 I want all of our community members to hear this message: you are appreciated.

For all that you do to make this community stronger, thank you.

If you’ve been following along on social media or email this month, you may have seen that the CLF is currently running a campaign called “What You’re Really Giving.” Throughout this campaign, people affected by liver disease are sharing stories of what your donation to the CLF really means to them.

For some, it’s more laughter. For others, it’s more memories. New beginnings. Hope.

These are all wonderful reasons to give, but why else should you consider supporting this campaign? Here are four reasons I can think of today:

1) I have a vision of making Canada a global leader when it comes to liver health. I am already working with and learning from other liver organizations around the world to make sure the CLF remains at the forefront of the liver health movement. I want Canadians to have the healthiest livers on the planet, and your donation will help us get there.

2) You have my commitment that your dollars will be put to work immediately, funding support initiatives that help families facing liver disease right now.

3) Your generous contribution will support the scientific research community, and it has the potential to help us find the next breakthroughs and cures faster.

4) Liver disease is not just one thing. In fact, there are more than 100 liver diseases. Every single one is different, and each requires unique treatments. When you give today, you’re helping people living with any of these diagnoses.

If you take one thing away from this blog post, it should be my message of gratitude for you. I truly believe we are headed into a new era of liver health in Canada and you are going to help us get there.

On behalf of the entire team here at the CLF, thank you for being such an important part of our community.


Jennifer Nebesky
President & CEO 
Canadian Liver Foundation

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