Why Bringing Liver Research to Life Matters

Why Bringing Liver Research to Life Matters

If liver disease is a jigsaw puzzle, then research studies are the puzzle pieces. When put in the right sequence these pieces can create a full and detailed picture. Research has provided us with advancements in treatments, earlier diagnoses, lasting cures, and overall, hope that we can reduce the impact that liver diseases have on over 8 million Canadians today.

With all of this knowledge, one question remains. Why can it be so difficult for one to imagine the impact research has on the everyday person? We understand that research solves unanswered questions, but what does that mean for the world today?

Equipped with our new blog format, The Canadian Liver Foundation plans to illustrate our mission of bringing liver research to life by doing just that; putting a face to the research we fund.

As the only national charity in Canada focused on liver health and the primary source of non-profit funding for all forms of liver research, our track record proves it. Bringing liver research to life is our pledge to the people of Canada, and to anyone who is affected (directly or indirectly) by liver disease.

Through funding lifesaving liver research, we are able to improve lives in local communities across the nation by cultivating better prevention, screening, diagnoses, and treatments methods of multiple liver diseases. Through patient support services, we are assisting those living with liver disease, and their families, by giving them an outlet to turn to after a rough diagnosis, or a network of peers to learn about and share difficult experiences with. Through education, we are teaching Canadians the value of protecting their liver health with national awareness campaigns and in-person events. Finally, through advocacy, we are petitioning for policy changes on liver-related health issues, ensuring that Canadians who seek access to better treatments always have a voice.

Our organization came from humble beginnings nearly 50 years ago when a group of business leaders and doctors banded together to ensure the voices of liver disease patients were heard and accounted for. We are proud of the many accomplishments we’ve made since our inception, including (but not limited to) our recent research that brought attention to a serious issue indicating that 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease, due in part to the prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). With many more achievements being reached along the way, there’s no telling what the CLF can attain in another 50 years.

Participants at our Stroll for Liver events walking together, holding a Stroll for Liver banner. They are an example of bringing liver research to life.

The CLF has remained an organization of the people, interacting with patients, families/caregivers, doctors, researchers, volunteers and more. Their journey to us is almost always unique. They have seen sorrow and pain, as well as strength and triumph. They’ve felt the urge to be informed, the passion to support others and the yearning for support themselves.

For all of these individuals and groups with exceptional and distinct experiences, bringing liver research to life unites us in the belief that a world without liver disease is on the horizon. The CLF’s new blog promises to bring you their stories, along with stories of research, informative articles, CLF events, and practical tips which will significantly impact their journey through liver disease.

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  1. Thank you! We need more treatment options for liver disease and liver complications as a result of other diseases.

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