The CLF Research Grant Competition

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The Canadian Liver Foundation’s Research Grant Competition

Here’s a bit of a brain exercise for you.

Take a moment and to try to envision innovations you may take for granted that is a product of research. If you’re struggling to pick a few out, consider the microwave oven or even the modern day internet you’re using to read this post as some convincing examples!

In the healthcare world, the majority of what we now know to be common facts were once a subject of research. From the existence of DNA to the extinction of smallpox disease, we owe many lives to the work of researchers everywhere, past, present and future.

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The CLF understands the incredibly significant role researchers have in resolving existing and looming questions relating to liver health and disease. In our own Foundation’s history, the CLF has played an imperative role in many liver-related findings and innovations including the discovery of genes responsible for Wilson’s disease and hemochromatosis as well as various new treatments for hepatitis C and other forms of liver disease.

By working together with Canadian researchers, we are proud to be able to support Canada’s research legacy and provide top liver experts as well as promising new investigators and trainees funding to support new advances and breakthroughs.

The CLF hosts an annual research grant competition which allows academics from medical students to senior researchers, to submit grant proposals. We currently offer three categories of grants:

  • Operating Grants: This is the CLF’s most senior award for hepatobiliary (liver, gallbladder, bile or bile duct) research from researchers who hold academic appointments in Canadian universities or affiliated institutions. This grant provides funding of up to $60,000 per year (max. of two years) to hepatobiliary research investigators to pursue major research projects.
  • Graduate Studentship: This grant is intended for scientists-in-training who are working towards obtaining their Masters or Ph.D. in hepatobiliary research. These grants are worth $20,000 per year (max. of two years).
  • Summer Studentship: An excellent opportunity for an undergraduate student to investigate liver-related research under the guidance of one or multiple leading liver researcher(s). This grant consists of $4,000 total.

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Together with the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) Research Committee and the CLF’s Medical Advisory Committee, research applications go through a rigorous process. This includes the gathering of internal/external peer reviews, and a budget assessment before grants and applications are approved and the final announcement is made to the successful researchers!

Our 2018 CLF research grant recipients will be announced in May (Summer Studentships) and in July (Operating Grants) of this year.

Through our research grants program, the CLF continues to support the work of Canada’s leading researchers and scientists. We are proud to have played an indispensable role throughout our organization’s existence and hope to help researchers progress further to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease among Canadians!

Learn more about our current CLF funded research projects and our research partnerships today!

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