Stroller Spotlight: Wayne

Stroller Spotlight: Wayne

Meet Wayne, a 71-year-old father of five, grandfather of seven, and devoted participant in the Stroll for Liver, an event we invite you to register for to give people of all ages with liver disease a better chance at life.

A retired transport worker, Wayne lives in Manitoulin Island with his wife Anna, the light of his life. But at one dark point he didn’t think he’d live to see his 70s.

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2009, he had surgery to remove parts of his intestine and other organs – a lifesaving procedure that unfortunately unearthed complications including a loss of liver function.

Further surgeries prolonged his ailments and by 2016, life was an uphill battle as Wayne lost energy, drive, and, worst of all, hope. He recalls his doctor saying he may not get a chance at a liver transplant because of his age.

But in January 2017, Wayne’s worsening health put him on the transplant list, and on May 18 he and Anna were told to get to London, Ontario by 6:30 a.m. where a liver was waiting. The next evening, he had a new liver.

He’ll always be grateful to his donor for, as Wayne says, “Helping me go from one foot in the grave to having a new lease on life.” That lease allows Wayne to comfortably garden, walk and kayak in the summers.

His gratitude led him to sign up for the Stroll – which his family and friends all join in on, waving banners to advocate for liver awareness and organ donation as they trek 5 km and back through their lakeside village.

This year’s Stroll will be virtual, welcoming Canadians to take part in their own way (any physical activity counts), and to join the national celebration August 28. By signing on, you can help keep life’s journeys alive for Canadians like Wayne.

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