The First CLF Chapter Outside Of Toronto Is Chartered In Calgary, AB.

The First CLF Chapter in Calgary, AB

The first of (what would become many) local chapters of the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) was formed in Calgary in July of 1986 by concerned parents and friends showing support to their loved one, Annette Martin.

Annette presents to a room full of volunteers at an educational event in Calgary. Behind her, a banner reads "love your liver!" and signage can be seen.
Annette Martin at a CLF Volunteer education event, 1989

Annette sadly lost her son Craig due to biliary atresia at just nine months old. Eventually, Annette courageously took that pain and moulded it into something awe-inspiring; a CLF chapter ready to raise funds for liver research that could save the lives of Canadian children born with biliary atresia.

(From L to R) Annette Martin,  Alan Brownstein (President of the American Liver Foundation), Gary Fagan (President of the Canadian Liver Foundation), at the ABCs of Liver Disease conference in 2002.

“The strength and often stubborn determination of this chapter continues to stem from the fact that most of our members joined due to a personal situation, be it as a victim of liver disease or having a close family member or friend afflicted with liver disease,” writes Anette in 1990.

The local chapters of the CLF are the grassroots of Foundation and reflect the need to connect with all those affected by living disease in Canada, near and far. Simply put, volunteer chapters are our most precious resource for providing widespread assistance for those who need it.

Today, chapters run fundraising initiatives for liver research, provide educational materials in community spaces, and create public awareness endorsing the importance of liver health.

Annette Martin founded the first CLF chapter in 1986 and served as a board member from 1989-1994, eventually holding the role as the National Program Advisory Committee Chair. Find out how you can help those living with liver disease in your community.