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Join us in Burnaby for Stroll for Liver!

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Help us change the future for Canadians with liver disease! Join us for the Stroll for Liver –a family friendly, community-based walk/run event dedicated to raising funds for liver research and education.

1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease – Stan is one of them.

Stan was living what he thought was a fairly healthy lifestyle. He was working 70 hours a week in a demanding, high-stress job, trying to balance his time between business and family. He frequently ate fast-food like donuts and pizza that were brought into the office; with no time to think about the potential harm he was doing to his body.

His wife worked, cared for the children, and cooked healthy meals, but he was not home enough to enjoy them. She often reminded him to slow down, join her for walks and look after himself better.

Stan quickly grew to become 60 pounds overweight. In addition to his own unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, his mother’s ailing health and his own aches and pains took an unimaginable toll on his body. One evening, Stan’s familiar back pain suddenly and severely spread from to his shoulders and chest.

At the urging of his wife, Stan went to the hospital. After back and forth visits, doctors found a ‘spot’ growing on Stan’s liver. A CT scan confirmed that his liver looked enlarge and Stan was advised to take a liver test. It was during his liver test that he first heard the term “non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”. A final MRI confirmed Stan’s worst fear; he had liver cancer caused by fatty liver disease. To continue reading Stan’s story click here

Help us change the future for Canadians with liver disease!

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Tells us Why You Walk/Stroll/Run.

When you join any of our STROLL for LIVER events this summer, we will be supporting YOUR reason to walk/run/stroll. Submit a photo* before the event so that together, we may remember those we have lost, celebrate those who have survived, and connect with those who have stepped along the same path as us.

*Please note: Submitted photos may be displayed on the day of the event. The CLF may also contact you ahead of time and invite you to share your story.

Join us at Central Park for a day full of entertainment.

The event includes. various performances, picnic area (light refreshments will be provided), carnival activities, a volleyball field and a playground for the little ones.

Location:   Burnaby Central Park located at picnic area #1 (Near Kingsway and Boundary Rd. entrance)
Event: From 9 AM – 1 PM

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Stan’s story continued

Stan was referred to a specialist at Vancouver General Hospital. He was advised that his only option was to undergo a majorly invasive and risky surgery to remove 65% of his liver, his gallbladder and a massive 13.5 cm tumour. Without hesitation, he took it.

For a year and a half, Stan battled with regaining his strength; a feat he sometimes felt he would never achieve. He wishes the whole process, from the notice of the fast-growing ‘spot’ to his surgery, had been accelerated with little to no wait time.

Thankfully, this August will mark Stan’s three-year anniversary being cancer-free. Stan continues to take care of his fragile liver and is forever grateful to his lifesaving specialist who saved his life.

Since his time of surgery, Stan has completely changed his lifestyle and has lost 65 pounds. His life includes healthier food choices, avoiding stress at all costs, enjoying more family time with his wife and daughters and doing more of the things he loves.

“Every day still has its own challenges—liver cancer never truly leaves you,” says Stan. “There are the scars of liver disease; it lingers forever in the back of your mind.”

Continuing with his new lifestyle, Stan hopes to be out walking in our Vancouver Stroll for Liver to raise liver disease awareness and funds for lifesaving liver disease.

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